A Whole Lot of Nothing

We are on vacation this week, which means we’re doing a whole lot of nothing.

Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. We are keeping busy when weather and time permits. But we’re staying close to home, and we’re relaxing a fair bit, and we’re just generally taking it easy. Except for the yardwork. And the constructiony bits.

So here is what is happening in my world this week.

  • We are reclaiming our gardens. Slowly but surely. It has been two years since we have really paid the gardens any mind, because really, who can do yardwork with an under-two child about? It would be easier if we were not in a subdivision which was denuded of trees before construction began and consequently offers no shade under which to plonk a small child while one goes about one’s business. Being as this is not the case, and we have a south-facing yard… well, the gardens have been taken over by weeds. But now, Stinkerbelle can amuse herself for five minutes at a time on occasion, so we are trying to get our gardens back. Both BDH and I have been working to dig out all the insidious bastard weeds in the vegetable garden, and today we will finally finish! And in will go seeds for corn, carrots and green onions, as well as lots of basil, two jalapeno pepper plants, and four tomato plants (BDH has decreed NO MORE because tomatoes thrive back there and after a while, it begins to resemble a grow op out there. Seriously. One year? The plants were FIVE FEET TALL.)
  • My daughter has been outdoors with us while we work, which is equal parts fun and annoying as hell. Sometimes, she’ll play by herself — today, she’s quite taken with a bunch of traffic cones we’ve put out there, and she moves them, and stacks them, and unstacks them. Or she pushes/drives her car around until she bumps into something. (We call it “parking”.) But other times it’s just an endless call for the WAAAAAHHHHHHHmbulance. She’s growing, or teething, or tired, or bored, or all of the above, and after playing for a few minutes starts whining and wailing. Teh Drama, it is strong with this one. She’s like a Jedi Drama Knight.
  • One thing that works to make That Baby happy is spraying her with the hose. She could run through the water all day long. It doesn’t matter how cold it is — she could be shivering violently and turning blue, and she’ll be all “MORE! MORE! MOOOOOAARRR! MOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!” And she LOVES to have her face and head wet, so she’ll run face first into the spray, gasping and sputtering and loving every bit of it. Last week it was as hot as hell out there, so it was good fun, but this week it may be a little cool for the hose. But whenever we go out, she points at the coiled-up hose and gets all “OOOOOOOOOHHH! MOOOOORE!” So we’ll see.
  • My stairs and patio are almost done. It’s awesome. It was BDH’s first project and he’s done very well. Now all we need are some nice chairs to sit out and enjoy it. And some citronella candles. And maybe a barbeque. Damn, we need to win a lottery.
  • Going out into the world between 9 am and noon is aggravating. Everywhere we go, there are rude, pushy women, pushing their way in front of me in shopping aisles and trying to muscle in front of me in lineups, and generally forgetting any and all manners or social graces they may have been taught. And women who drive very badly. And, the one that irks me the most, women drivers who must race through the crosswalk at the top of my street as I am preparing to cross with my daughter, instead of stopping and waiting for the one minute the crosswalk lights say they must. It is making me embarrassed for my gender, I tell you truly. It’s like women everywhere are determined to embody every stinking bad stereotype about our gender, and it’s annoying the crap out of me.
  • I haven’t been on Teh Internets a ton, nor have I spent a lot of time on email. But I checked it today, and got spam, the subject line of which was “Hi Sweety Disobedient Bozo”. This makes me laugh out loud. I bet it’s from one of the old ladies who’s been butting in front of me in lineups and grocery aisles.