In Which That Baby Suffers Gender Confusion

Okay, so BDH has taken some vacation time this week and next. He’s been working, like, STUPIDRIDICULOUS HARD lately, so it was time for time off.

We like time off. Vacations are good. And what do we do with Vacation?


We like to shop. We often have no money, in which case it’s just shopping for windows. Sometimes, we are bargain shopping, of which I am a BIG fan. Or maybe it’s just time for That Baby to wear herself out by running headlong through the mall, looking down at her feet in the manner of OHMYGODIHAVESHOESON!!1!11!!eleventy!1!!11!!! and then falling splat in the middle of a busy mall thoroughfare, or running smack bang straight into the arse of another shopper.

Good times.

Anyway, yesterday was a bargain shopping kind of a day. We went to Children’s Place at the mall, where there has been a sale of late. We got Stinkerbelle some cute little sundresses with bloomers, very girly girl and perfect for hot days and very colourful in a 60s Partridge Family Bus sort of a way that I LOVE. But she also needs summer jammies, the kind where her feet and legs are free, as opposed to foot jammies, for warm nights this summer.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but where I have been shopping there are not a lot of girl summertime jammies for the under-two set (That Baby is a long skinny kid so she’s still in 18-24 clothes). But on the rack with the sundresses, I noticed some blue rompers — the t-shirt and shorts all-in-one combos. I thought, these would make PERFECT summer jammies! And at $6 per pair, I picked up two.

So I headed to the till with a blue and purpley flowered sundress, and two blue striped rompers. And a blue plaid hat that would match all of them.

The rompers? BOYS’ ROMPERS. With the tag “Handsome and Huggable” on them. I didn’t notice the tag until just now, as I was tidying up and putting some things away.

Good thing That Baby can’t read. Talk about confusion.

And so this morning, we thought it might be a good idea to get Stinkerbelle out and running around a bit again. Shopping tires her out, so she naps and sleeps well. So we got her up and fed and dressed in the cutest little yellow frock with bows on it, with yellow and pink flowery yoga pants on underneath, and bright pink shoes.

And we took her to Home Depot, where she ran happily amok among the lumber aisles, laminate flooring and power tools.

Good thing we’re putting lots of money away for therapy.

7 thoughts on “In Which That Baby Suffers Gender Confusion

  1. Uh, so what does it mean that Sister Girl over here is going to be wearing a lot of Big Brother’s hand-me-downs? Because he’s just about out of them, and she’s just about ready…

  2. sounds like the method to raising a well rounded kid if you ask me… speaking as someone who is in the middle of re-hanging a door while wearing a pink shirt. 😉

  3. She hasn’t been brain washed yet so what does she care if it says handsome or pretty. They both do the job.

  4. Girl power! Maybe she’ll design a line of power tools specifically for women. Pink table saw, anyone?

    I think the bigger issue we will have to deal with is that, when asked a question by one of the Home Depot staffers, Stinkerbelle’s response was to look slightly confused, and then LIFT UP HER SHIRT.

  5. haha… yes, that might be a bit of a problem. I mean, completely aside from the fact that I am now having flashbacks to Kitty from Arrested Development. As long as no one teaches her to say “Girls gone wild!” you should be good.

  6. Yeah, she’s at that age where she’s all “Look! My belly! My belly FTW!!” all the time.

    Here’s hoping she kicks the habit before, say, puberty.

  7. well…coming from a someone whose parents let her run around shirtless until she was at least 5…I wouldn’t worry…I now always wear a shirt 😉

    So pink, blue, girl’s clothes or boy’s..she will be good to go…her fashion sense will be eclectic!

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