There are a few things in life that are absolute certainties.

1. Death. (And, some would say, people Googling your death. But no, I am not paranoid, why would you ask?)

2. Taxes. (It’s tax season right now. Everyone heave a collective sigh of frustration.)

3. Catching whatever sickness your child has.

We are sick, here at the House of Peevish. My daughter has picked up a cold from… whoever, doG only knows… and, by dint of sneezing ALL THE FRACK OVER US, has passed it on to me, her doting Mom.

It never fails. That Baby will pick up the latest bug from whatever child she plays with, whatever object she licks, whatever passerby fusses all over her, and then she will wait a couple of days and WHAMMO.

I knew I would get sick. You know how I know this? Well, let me add a sub-section to point #3 up there:

3a. You will always get sick when you have a billion things to do.

Yeah, this week I had planned a BUNCH of errands and tasks. We have to get stuff from various stores and services around town. I have calls and appointments to make. And a birthday to plan for somebody.

Not to mention, BDH is working himself to a frazzle so, you know, this will be the LEAST OPPORTUNE TIME for him to get sick. So, doubtless, he will, as well.

It’s just a cold. But even still, colds are a drag. Stinkerbelle has been tired and clingy for a couple of days, just wanting to lay about and watch videos, always with something touching me or BDH — a hand, a foot, or even laying across a lap, she doesn’t care. She just wants the contact. Her nose has been A FAUCET of gross. She’s always so good natured, but yesterday I tried to go out and get some stuff done, and she was fairly miserable about it — so you KNOW she was feeling poorly.

And now, today, I have woken up with the start of it, so with a rainy day outside and feeling a little run down, I don’t feel much like doing any of the things I have to get done. My head is a little fuzzy, and my throat is raw, and, like That Baby, I’d rather just rest in a comfy spot and be mindlessly entertained.

Oooh, so let me add another subsection to #3 up there:

3b. You’re a grown up. Suck it up and get moving. You don’t get sick days.

It’s so nice to know there are some things you can always count on in life, isn’t it?

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  1. Oh, bleh. I agree… child = human petri dish. I have never been sick so much in my life as in the last 2 years. Hope you guys are feeling better soon….

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