Tuesday Tidbits

It’s Tuesday, right? Isn’t it? We used to have swimming lessons on Tuesday mornings but now that they are finished, I have nothing regularly scheduled in my week until Wednesdays to tell me what day it is. Some days feel like two days crammed into one; others whiz by and you’re not sure what just happened.

So here are some of the things happening in our world today.

  • NEW!! Now With More COOL!!: That Baby now has FIVE –  count ’em, FIVE!! — pairs of sunglasses. Well, she loves her shades, and for $3 a pair, why not have a spare pair or four?
  • Routine return: Well, we have some sort of routine in our days, anyway. Although it is optimistic to call it “napping”, That Baby DOES have “naptime” — in which time is spent in one’s crib, and playing, talking, singing, napping, and hair pulling may all be done at one’s leisure. She actually goes in quite willingly, and seems to enjoy her two hours of quiet time. And goodness knows, I enjoy the opportunity to exercise and shower and throw some laundry in and tidy up here and there.
  • May I Have Your Attention Please: That Baby is ALL ABOUT THE TALKING these days. Gab gab gab, talk talk talk. She’s not saying a lot of actual words, necessarily, during these conversational eruptions, but boy howdy is there INTONATION. And EMPHASIS. And volume modulation. She talks non-stop sometimes. And what is fun, and admittedly sometimes as annoying as heck, is when she fixes on a word and repeats it over and over and over again because WE ARE COMMUNICATING! Today at lunchtime, I put on an episode of Sarah Jane Adventures, which Stinkerbelle calls “Doctor”. And so, she would look me right in the eyes and with a big grin, repeat, “UH OH DOCTOR! UH OH DOCTOR!” over and over again. And then look at the screen and back into my eyes: “UH OH DOCTOR! UH OH DOCTOR!” She was delighted to be “talking” about something with me. It was adorable, albeit sometimes loud, and after about 5 minutes of continual “UH OH DOCTOR! UH OH DOCTOR!”, a little annoying.
  • Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures: In an effort to thwart the hair-pulling, and cover over the thinning patch up front where she tends to pull most often, I bit the bullet today and braided That Baby’s hair. I put in about a dozen little braids and clips. It’s not the best braiding job I have ever done on a head of hair, but it’s fine. It took a ridiculously long time — an hour is too long for a two year old to sit still, but she was a trooper. And she looks adorable. I won’t do it all the time, but if it works, it might be another way to discourage her from pulling her hair out.
  • Knit Wit: Another reason I’ve been loving the observed “nap time” is because it frees up time in my evenings. And you know what I do? I pop a series on DVD in the machine and I knit. I have so many patterns and projects queued up, it makes me clap my hands like a giddy schoolgirl. And the yarn sales recently have been like crack.
  • Smile, You’re on Not-So-Candid Camera!: I am slowly getting through my backlog of Project 365 photos, and posting them equally slowly. I am determined to get all caught up by the end of the month… hardware permitting. Meh, who am I kidding. Fred has been working like a trooper, thanks to the efforts of the lovely and talented BDH. It’s MY EYES that are letting me down. I can’t help it — looking through and working with a couple hundred digital photos of an evening makes my eyeballs spin around in their sockets and then run shrieking from the room. I need a date with an eye doctor and a new pair of glasses.
  • Rolling in Dough: I don’t want to alarm anyone but I feel baked goods are in my future. Now NOBODY PANIC! I’m just thinking muffins and scones and cookies. I will stay away from bread. THE WORLD IS SAFE. FOR NOW.