Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Okay, my mommy peeps. I have a question.

Do any of you have kids who pull out their own hair?

Stinkerbelle has started the somewhat alarming habit of pulling out her own hair. Usually, it’s during naptime or in the morning, when she is alone in her crib. We will go in and find hair all over the place. Curls litter the blanket, the sheets, the floor beside her crib. Right now, when I went to get her from her naptime… holy hell, the mess! I gathered it all up, and there’s a hairball the size of a cottonball in there.

I am starting to get a little concerned.

When she first started doing it, we thought that the hairstyles we were putting in (mostly puffs) were hurting her. She was jamming her fingers in where her part was up in front, and we thought maybe it was just pulling and tight and bugging her. But she was doing it enough that it was starting to get a little thinner up there. So this week, we’ve been leaving her hair all natural in just a headband. And it has actually been getting worse.

I did a search on Teh Intertubes, and I guess kids do this. For some it’s self-soothing, when they are upset or anxious or bored. Well, That Laid Back Baby is definitely not anxious, and she’s not upset at all when she’s in her crib. She is, if anything, bored. So, this is what she does when she is alone and bored? NICE. It’s not like she hasn’t got a CRIB FULL O’ TOYS in there. Surely there’s something she could play with?

So, if this hypothesis is right, and she is bored… am I supposed to forego naptime so that my kid is not in her crib unattended, and getting bored, and pulling out her own hair? Because that is nuts. Kids NEED to nap. Or at least to have a rest time. And so do moms. And if I have to pass on her naptime, when I can get a shower and have a little time to do whatever by myself, then it will be ME pulling out my own hair.

Still, seeing the floor littered with hair when I walk in there is really alarming. And her ‘fro is puffed out HUGE from all the messing around she has done with it during today’s naptime. I guess we are going to have to go back to styling her hair, since it seems our hypothesis about the hairstyles hurting her were incorrect. And I guess we should start trying to put a nightcap on her (which she will, of course, take off) and see if it helps.

Me, I’m tempted to get it all cut short and keep it that way until she outgrows this habit.

Honestly, when I thought I would have to learn how to care for my kid’s hair — this is NOT what I imagined.

7 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Hmmm, nope, never had this problem. Is her hair getting longer that she’s actually noticing it now? I don’t know.

  2. Yes, it’s quite long, and the novelty issue was something we considered. (One good argument for cutting it short again, actually!) But it’s been long-ish since… well we got it cut last summer and so it’s been growing since then. You’d think she’d be getting used to it by now, though, and the novelty would have worn off.

  3. Awww, that’s no good at all! I hope you find a solution to this…I would think it must hurt at least a little!?!?!

  4. Interesting. I wonder if you started braiding or twisting it if she’d stop? Granted, I’ve got no experience to go on, so I’m just playing modern jackass here. But maybe if she couldn’t get to it as easily, she’d stop pulling it out?

  5. Good suggestions. I have done the twists in the past; I need to get something better to hold them in place (she just pulls out the clips I use currently). And I was thinking I might try a few little braids up around her face which is where she seems to pull at it.

    Or, we could just cut it all off short, which would make for easy maintenance — but might not stop the pulling.

    She’s getting these little thinning spots up above her forehead where her part is. I have to do something before she makes herself a big old bald spot there.

  6. Okay, it probably wouldn’t work, but what if she slept with a little cap on? In the winter, we sometimes put one on our little guy, and if I can distract him long enough for him to kind of forget it’s there, it stays on all night. Or is her scalp maybe itchy and she hasn’t caught on to scratching so she pulls instead?

    Our son doesn’t pull out his hair, but he does chew on his crib – and I had a similar dilemma – do I ensure he is never in his crib unless he’s sound asleep? Uh, that wouldn’t work for yours truly, so instead the crib gets chewed, and I regularly sand down the victimized spots so my boy doesn’t swallow so many wood slivers. Why can’t they just leave stuff, including their own hair, alone?!

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