Geek Kid, Part 2

Okay, I am totally THAT MOM. Who dresses her kid up funny.

Behold, the geek bibs (click to embiggen):

I know! It’s a TARDIS! *squee* It’s still on the needles and hasn’t been blocked or anything but… A TARDIS!

Well, at least That Baby likes Doctor Who. I have also made a pattern for a Punisher skull — that’s for Daddy.

(Don’t worry Grammy. I am also making bibs with kitties and hearts and flowers and stuff on them. Even a cute music note. And a big letter Z, so she’ll look like a baby Superhero.)

7 thoughts on “Geek Kid, Part 2

  1. Are you going to start selling these bibs maybe? Because I would TOTALLY buy a Tardis bib. Maybe you could try a Dalek bib?

  2. Pattern pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasssssssseeee!!!
    You know how some families sit around and watch Disney movies together? Well my Dad made sure we were well versed in Dr. Who and Star Trek. I would make one of those bibs in every colour if you send me the pattern. Pretty Please.

  3. Janna, I would do both a TARDIS and a Dalek for you. Easy peasy. Email me and we’ll see what you want!

    Kirsten, I’ll get some patterns together and shoot them off to you. (Might take a little time because they’re a combination of a couple different patterns I use.) I think I might even be able to get you a Star Trek one too. Send me an email!

  4. Hey, What ever happened to the little hearts and flowers. She is a girl remember. As for these patterns they look fine but I don’t know the term TARDIS or DALEK?????? I am sure they will do the same job that the hearts and flowers would do, soak up the spills. Right???

  5. And that, dear Grammy, is why I am also making some pretty pretty bibs, just for you. Because it’s nice to look good, even when you are covered with bits of goldfish and peanut butter toast!!

  6. Thank you. I am feeling better already. But I still do not know what TARDIS and Dalek mean?????? Care to fill me in???? I know I am out of the loop but I am trying to catch up, or do I want to know?? If it is the later don’t answer.

  7. They are things you see in an episode of Doctor Who. A TARDIS is a time machine, and a Dalek is a super bad alien. So, we’re sci fi geeks.

    (You really should watch Doctor Who. You’d enjoy it. Good stories, and lots of fun.)

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