Geek Kid

She didn’t stand a chance. That Baby, the daughter of two computer geeks, is fully, completely initiated in the ways of geekdom.

She’s used to looking at photos on a laptop. She watches Sesame Street online or via podcast. She watches music videos on YouTube and dances along. And she signs “computer” just as easily as she signs “bowl” or “milk”.

And now? Now she’s playing our Wii Fit. Sure, she needs a little help sometimes. Like, stepping up onto the balance board, for example. But once she’s there, watch out! She’s unstoppable.

Okay, not really. Mostly she does stuff with our prompting, a little lean in this direction or that, or exhortations to “Jump! Jump, baby! Jump!” And ski jumping is mostly ski CRASHING, but that’s okay, because she thinks the crashing is HIGH-LARIOUS.

But by some fluke of balance, lean and distractedness, she’s now the family record-holder in the downhill slalom. And that one she did all on her own.

She prefers watching, though. She finds the hula hooping particularly fun, wiggling her little hips and cheering us on. She sings along to the tune of the step aerobics (which, admittedly, is an earworm. We’ve all got it stuck in our heads.) Today, I did a jogging game, and she shouted and cheered me on the entire time. She even trotted along in solidarity. And when you are pooped out from your efforts at whatever game you’re doing, as soon as the game is done, she signs and tells you “More. More. MORE. More!”

She’s a geek kid of geek parents. She never stood a chance. Good thing technology is so much fun.

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  1. I am so glad you are all having fun with the Wii Fit. I would feel terrible if I recommended it and then you didn’t like it. I am missing my exercise right now and the time with Madd Dawn as she tells me what to do and when…and when I do something wrong she is right on top of that too. Hugs to all.

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