Out in the World

I’ve been unplugged and gone for a couple of days. Where have I been, you ask?


I know. Crazy talk. Walking? In March? Well, let me tell you, it has been sunny and warm this week, so I have done some great long walks all over the place with That Baby. It was warm enough on Tuesday that I was out in a t-shirt. My hands are already suntanned from walking and pushing the stroller.

I did 10 km on Monday, and liked it so much I turned around and did another 10 km on Tuesday. It was so nice to be out again. I have missed walking, given that we walked almost every day last year — or at least, every day with reasonable weather. And I have been so tired being cooped up all winter. That Baby didn’t think much of it either, so she was loving the outdoors time. And it is a great way for me to get through our current 100 Day Challenge (day 69 today!) which is really nice. (Maybe I’ll put all my mileage together on a map and post it. Like, if I was walking to Nova Scotia or to the cottage or something. It’d be fun to see how far I’ve gone.)

I am feeling it today, with sore muscles and joints, so tonight I did my exercise on our Wii. But tomorrow, I’ll be out walking again. It’s our weekly play date with Austin and his mom, and we’re getting together at a local sports complex which is a trailhead for one of our local trail systems. It’s paved, so it will be good for strollers or for little runners to run with only foot and bike traffic to contend with. And I think that we’ll be on an 8 km segment start to finish, so hopefully we get through a decent walk.

I’ve missed walking. I’m glad winter is just about done.

2 thoughts on “Out in the World

  1. Isn’t it great to get out after a long winter? Our weather is not as warm as yours but I took to the pavement myself this week. I don’t go as far as you but it is still nice to breath the fresh air and stretch the legs after being cooped up all winter.

  2. I know it! We have been loving this change in the weather and have been spending a lot of time outside as well.

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