Playing Around

Yesterday was our weekly play date with That Baby’s best buddy Austin and his mommy, Stinkerbelle’s Auntie Sandy.

It has been quite a few weeks since we have had a play date. During that time I have come to realize how important these play dates are for us. Most obviously, it’s good for That Baby because she rarely has other kids to play with, and she and Austin have a roaring good time when they are together. They are close enough in age that they can run around and snatch toys from each other and make a huge mess. And they find each other TERRIBLY FUNNY.

But it is also so good for me to get out and interact with Sandra too. We are both stay at home moms now, and we are also without family close by to talk to about stuff, or ask questions about things, or just figure out this whole mommy gig. So we can compare notes, and share what we are learning, and commiserate on the regular frustrations of being a mom. But it’s also nice to just have another adult to talk to, and someone who can provide you with some perspective. We can sit and have tea and just talk, like real people do. And that is one of the best things of all.

Yesterday’s play date was a much needed one for all, I think. And we had a great time. That Baby spent half her time just belly laughing — she watches Austin run around and thinks he’s the funniest thing going. And since we went to their house, the chance to play with new and interesting toys, and run and dance in their kitchen, was just so much fun for Stinkerbelle. And she adores her Auntie Sandy, and whenever Sandra gets up and leaves the room to check on something in the kitchen or whatever, she soon has a little shadow in Stinkerbelle, who must know WHAT IS SHE DOING and WHERE IS SHE GOING and follows her everywhere.

Meanwhile, I got to play with my little buddy Austin, who appreciates the fact that I am not a girly girl and love to roughhouse and run and yell. He understands me. Also, he seems to be of the impression that my singing voice is tolerable, and so we can sing and dance together. And if I am very lucky, I get some demands to be picked up and that is always awesome.

It’s great for all of us to see SOMEONE DIFFERENT. And while we enjoy our daily lives, and would not trade them for anything, we all have to admit that it’s just fun to play with someone else for a change.

One thought on “Playing Around

  1. Playdates are the best thing for us moms ever! Adult interaction is a necessary thing. Otherwise, you will find yourself either talking to yourself or talking in idiot speak (“aww, look at the cute puppy-wuppy”) to the cashier at the grocery store (not that either of those has ever happened to me!)

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