Quiet Time

We’re trying to enjoy a little quiet time here these days.

This morning, that means that I’ve got a loaf of bread preparing in the bread maker, and a cup of coffee by my side as I sit and watch That Baby, who is puttering around in front of a Wiggles video. We both are kind of enjoying the down time.

It’s been a flurry of activity these past couple of days. We had play dates and swimming and appointments and visiting to do. That Baby had lots of fun, played hard, met new people, and spent a lot of time in the car. I drove a lot and spent a lot of time out of the house, visiting friends, socializing, getting my hair done (YAY!) and having a good time.

But with all that fun comes a down side. And when you are a toddler, that down side is that your schedule gets disrupted.

That Baby is tired. She’s been up late, and waking a bit early. Her afternoon naps came as we drove around in the car. And one that WAS spent at home was not very good because of an angry molar making an appearance. And all the activity makes a person tired.

Yesterday, we took a down day. That Baby played, mostly quietly, and watched some TV, and we got her back on schedule. She slept like a log, despite the aforementioned molar disrupting her naptime, and we actually had to go wake her up this morning. BDH spent his day, despite a few hours of work yesterday morning, mostly relaxing and napping and playing WoW. And me, I did a lot of nothing, looking for recipes, cooking a bit, and futzing with the camera and some pictures, followed by parking my butt in a chair and watching Our Friends In The North last night.

We’re good with that. A person needs a little down time every now and again. As much fun and as exciting as being out and about is, I think that Stinkerbelle is happy for the break in the action, to just putter around in her own playroom for a little bit, with her own toys and her own stuff around her. And me, I am a creature of habit, so I am happy to be in my own environment as well. I might make some more bread, or throw in a few loads of laundry. Or I may grab a bit of knitting and do that while Stinkerbelle plays. It’s hard to say. But it will definitely be something around home.

It’ll be a quiet week for us, which suits us all fine. Quiet time is restful. And next week, we’re going on a little holiday, so it will be nice to rest up before we travel and head out for more fun.

One thought on “Quiet Time

  1. It sounds so perfect after a crazy Xmas.
    I need to take it easy too.
    Enjoy your holiday.
    All the best. Carmen

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