I like challenges. I find they push me to do things I would not normally do.

BDH and I just completed a 100 Day Challenge in mid-December. That meant that we had to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity (a.k.a. “exercise”) every day for 100 days. It was a good challenge, because we both pushed each other to keep going.

Guilt is a great motivator — it’s hard to slack off when you know the other person is doing something or has already completed their exercise. PLUS we blogged about it every day, so Teh Entire Interwebs were there watching us, man.

So we had to do it.

We were really proud of ourselves for making it through. 100 days straight is a LOT of continuous exercise when you are unaccustomed to it. When you are young, sure; but then when you get older and get jobs/make life choices that make you more sedentary, it’s hard. Your body aches, and there are no rest days. You’re tired. And life gets in the way and makes it hard to fit in exercise sometimes.

So, with a new year just around the corner, I am thinking of what it will bring. Usually I make some resolutions, or goals, or plans.

And then I start out full tilt and, shortly thereafter, fail spectacularly.

But this year, I am looking for a challenge. I can do that. I know that if I am accountable, pride gets in the way and stops me when I want to slack off. People are watching! Do something! Don’t be a slack bastard!

So the question has been, what am I going to do? And it’s been hard to come up with something.

I want to do another exercise challenge. I am just not sure what, yet. 100 days straight was hard, so it’s not going to be that again. At least, I don’t think so. But BDH and I both need to push each other to get back to regular exercise, and something more aerobic more often, too. So definitely, I have to think about that one. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

But there is another challenge I am going to do: Project 365.

Somewhere out there on Teh Intartubes, someone came up with the idea of taking a picture every day for a year and posting it. It was a great way to document a year in pictures, and it caught on, and soon, a number of people took it on as their personal project. Now, there are all kinds of people doing “Project 365″s all over the place.

And so am I.

Now, people do all kinds of projects. Photography. Scrapbooking. Blog posts. One woman even cooked a meal in her crock pot every day. (Ugh. That seems a bit much for me. But then, she made it into a cookbook and it was a bestseller and she’s probably making a shit-ton of cash so, hey, the joke’s on ME.) But me? I’m sticking to the original concept of a photo a day.

One photo per day, posted every day for 365 days.

Now, I am hoping this challenge will do a few things for me:

    • I want to get better at taking pictures. Currently, I just point and shoot — and shoot, and shoot, and shoot. And I hope I get something good. As a professional sports photographer once referred to it, I “spray and pray”. So I want to learn to do more than just that. I want to use this as an opportunity to get better at using our camera, and learn about the various settings and options and maybe even pick up some more technical aspects of photography. I’d like to develop a better eye, and learn to use light better, and learn about composition. But mostly, I just want to take better pictures.
      • I want to get better at taking different pictures. Currently I take pictures of Stinkerbelle. Maybe the cats sometimes. But I want to take this opportunity to see if I can take interesting pictures of subjects that are not two years old and dancing by me. Not that I will stop taking pictures of That Baby, you understand… but I will try to do other things, too.
        • I want to use this as an opportunity to learn to use my photo editing software. I have two that I like and I can do the basics, but I really want to try to play with some of the finer tools and techniques and learn things.

          Getting back to point #2 for a minute, this challenge will actually be two-fold. Yes, I want to have a picture of each day. But I also want to have a picture of That Baby for each day of the year. So at the end of the year, I will have documented a year in the life of my daughter.

          So, it might be that I take more than one picture per day. But there will have to be at least one.

          I am not sure how and where I will post the pictures. Maybe here, maybe not. I’ll think about it and see. (Obviously any pictures I post of Stinkerbelle will be password-protected — having met people who know of what kinds of evil troll the internets in search of photos of children, I’m even more firmly on the password protection team, thankyouverymuch. Same password rules will apply.)

          So there you have it. No new year’s resolutions this year. I am facing the new year with a challenge — or two.

          Anyone care to join me?

          18 thoughts on “Challenge

          1. I was just thinking about Project 365 on boxing day. It was right after we watched Julie and Julia. For some reason, I thought that I could use a distraction in my life. (I’ll do almost anything to avoid laundry.) I kind of dismissed the idea right away, thinking that I know that there is no way I would be disciplined enough to post every day.
            I could join you if you don’t mind me doing a Project 52 to your Project 365. I’m not sure where I would want to post them either. It is hard to remain anonymous when you are posting photos from around your home. I guess it would work using the regular blog and password protect any photo that would show any kind of identifying images. It’s not like I am really doing anything else with my blog right now!

          2. I think I will. But you have to PROMISE to call and nag me if I’m at all late on posting even ONCE. Cause unless someone is holding me truly accountable, I won’t do it.

          3. Oh man…why didn’t I think of that crock pot idea – I love my crock pot!!

            O.k. Let me think about this tonight – whilst I drown my sorrows in ooey, gooey, greasy, mouthwatering goodness called fondue pots.

            I could finally get using my camera every day which I have been meaning to do…heck I might even then sign up for those lessons I have been meaning to take to learn how to properly use said camera and flash…

            Wow, I haven’t said that much on your blog in a long time…

            COUNT ME IN!!

            P.S. can you hold me accountable too – we could email each support when we need it ๐Ÿ˜‰

          4. Rana, it’s true! You haven’t been so chatty since the whole beans episode.

            It’s going to be a circle of accountability with Cinn as the coach! Huzzah!

          5. Kudos on the 100-day exercise challenge! Maybe I should do that…maybe.

            Ramona did the 365 photo challenge – I love her pics. Best of luck whatever you choose to do.

          6. Okay, I am totally NOT being all y’all’s COACH! This is a challenge, people… which means you will have to dig deep and challenge your own selves! I’m going to be busy enough just trying to get my own pictures posted… and exercising… and chasing after That Baby…

          7. Well, since I don’t have a blog site I think I will stick to a 100 day challenge like you did before. I was so inspired by both your dedication and results. I think 30 minutes a day on my Wii fit plus will be a blast. I actually already started with the yoga and balance training and it feels so great to streatch out the muscles. 100 days will take me to April 10th, just in time (hopefully) to get walking outside in the spring. Wish me luck. Anyone else want to join in?

          8. o.k. so I am having a hard time getting my wordpress blog going today for some reason…i have had it for awhile and haven’t used it yet so I thought this would be be perfect but if I can’t get it working by the end of the day I will waitn until next year – ha how do you like that for a cop out ๐Ÿ™‚

          9. Rana, let me know if you need any help. I’m on WP with a couple of blogs so maybe I can give you a hand.

            Sherri, we’re going to do another 100 Day Challenge too (doG help us.) BDH suggested it this morning, so… I guess we’re doing it! I can’t complain; it’s a good motivator. Good luck with your challenge!

          10. Oooooh Ya, I rebooted my computer and VIOLA! It is working again so I am on – I will let you know when it is ready ๐Ÿ™‚


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