Joy to the Mall…

That Baby has come! Let stores receive Their Queen!

Yes, we went Christmas shopping today. I shop mostly online, because I hate Teh People and so I avoid them in situations like malls and such. But every year, there are a few things that I have to go out to get. Fortunately our mall is a good one, and close to our home, so I can get in and out and home quickly.

So I bundled Stinkerbelle up in her boots and coat and off we went.

I took the stroller because she’s still too little to walk so much. And she likes the stroller. She grabs the tray and holds herself up ramrod straight to better observe Her Public. And shout at them, as need be.

So we cruised around, shopping, an endless discussion happening between the two of us about what to buy and what not to buy and why. (The casual observer probably thinks I am a little nuts, but oh well. I talk to my kid while we walk. About whatever. Don’t care who hears. And she comments in her own way. And she doesn’t care who hears. It works for us.)

While we shopped I learned two important things: 1) That Baby is much more content to sit in her stroller if you take her coat off, and 2) if you forget to re-buckle her seat belt in the stroller, you will be browsing in a store and turn to find your child has squirmed out of the stroller feet-first and is standing in the aisle holding your purse full of credit cards, ready to go.

After about an hour and a half, we had what we wanted, and it was time to get her coat back on and bundled up to take her back out to the car. So to do that, I turned down a little side-street of the mall and found a comfy seat in between a vendor of some kind and the lottery desk.

I took Stinkerbelle out of her stroller to stretch her legs and to make it easier to put her jacket on. And that is when the holiday magic happened.

There were Christmas songs playing over the mall PA system. And when That Baby hears music… well, she’s gotta dance. So she started to get her groove on, right there in the middle of the mall. She wiggled. She shimmied. She sang. She stomped. She spun around and around.

That Baby has the rhythm in her. She can’t stop it.

And I just let her. Yes, I was That Mom.

She was a little vision of pure joy in pink overalls. Smiling, spinning, singing, and shaking her booty and her boots. And she caught sight of herself in the storefront window, and she was enchanted. And that just ratcheted the dancing up that much more.

The lottery kiosk staff were absolutely delighted. They clapped and talked to her and encouraged her. Shoppers grinned at her as they passed, as they dodged Dance Dance Revolution Baby. She seemed to bring the festive spirit to people coming and going, and nearby staff. She followed after shoppers who smiled at her, dancing along for a little bit and then grooving her way back in the other direction after someone else.

And when she wasn’t dancing, she was pointing and reading all the signs around us OUT LOUD VERY LOUDLY WITH MUCH FEELING.

Finally, after about 10 minutes of shaking her groove thing, I told her it was time to go. Normally, when she is having so much fun, there will be tears of great sorrow. But That Baby just looked at me and said and signed “All done”.

Her job as the dancing festive Christmas elf was apparently done. She had spread Christmas cheer to all she met. And she climbed in the stroller and off we went.

It made me happy. And it made her daddy smile when I told him.

Stinkerbelle has the holiday spirit. And she shared it with everyone she met today, in her own way.

9 thoughts on “Joy to the Mall…

  1. Sounds like Teh Funz has returned! What a sweet child. I cannot wait to experience Christmas through the eyes of my child. CANNOT. WAIT!

  2. I’m still sitting here grinning stupidly as I post this comment. And I wasn’t even there to witness it. 🙂

  3. I just re-read this post. An hour and a half in the stroller in the mall????? Wow! You guys are a great team!

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