Teh Funz. We Don’t Haz It.

Oy, That Baby is plagued with the trifecta of toddler misery right now: a cold, a molar coming in, and a touch of diaper rash.

What that means in my world is this: an endless stream of boogers, continual drool, and some of the messier diapers in existence.

The cold is making her cough, and sneeze, and her nose is running like crazy, which means I am forever chasing after her to wipe up the latest emanations before she smears them all over her face. And that means her wee button of a nose is raw and sore, so clean up is an exercise in misery.

The tooth (or teeth; only one is starting to poke through at present but I suspect at least one more) is causing a festival of drool and chewing on any and every thing Stinkerbelle can lay a hand to. Mostly wooden things, strangely enough. But the waking up crying in the middle of the night has become hit and miss, so we are thankful that the painful phase is over, at least temporarily.

But the teething is also causing massive messy diapers — three so far today — which has led to some irritated and red chubby bits on That Baby. So diaper changes are a battle, full of flailing and crying and drama. THANK DOG for Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, I say in all seriousness. It is some awesome in a tube, right there. Liberally applied, it is helping fend off what I am sure would be a very sore diaper zone indeed.

And, all in all, Stinkerbelle has been her usual pleasant self about the whole mess, for which I am eternally grateful. Her father and I have both been sick with that selfsame cold (thankfully, we have neither teething nor diaper issues) and so we understand how ick it can be. But she soldiers merrily along, so long as we are not trying to wipe her nose or change her butt.

This morning she has been fairly cross, which indicates that we are into the worst of it. For her, “fairly cross” is still pretty damn good. The Most Easygoing Child on the Planet will occasionally get peevish with her shape sorter when she cannot force it to cooperate, or she will sit and turn side to side in a full-body “no no no” motion to express some sort of internal angstiness. The odd time she will whine and push back at me about something, like putting the tray on her high chair. And of course, she cries out when her tender little nose or her tender little nether bits are wiped. But for the most part, these little flashes of temper we see in our daughter would go unnoticed in the lives of most kids’ parents.

And don’t think for a second we don’t know how lucky we got in the Kid Lottery, or that we’re not eternally grateful for this.

But still, they are signs of an unhappy little girl, and what is hardest is knowing you can’t do much to help her out. She’s just got to bubble and cough and drool and chew her way through it.

Tylenol has become our friend — almost like a baby version of an after-dinner mint around here these days. It’s some relief from the pain and it helps her rest, which is awesome. Because invariably, a good sleep will restore our sunny, high-spirited little girl, and the house becomes a cacophony of joyful noise again for the better part of the day.

Until the runny sore nose, and the drooling, and the nasty diapers return… And then, it is NO FUN NO. For ANYONE. Thank goodness it’s all fairly temporary.

3 thoughts on “Teh Funz. We Don’t Haz It.

  1. Did you say PEEVISH? Now where would she come up with something like that? I am sure it is something that she picked up from her playmates and nothing that she would have found lurking at home. I mean your blog would not indicate Peevish behavior on the home front would it?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Carole. Stinkerbelle has been reading the blog and realizing there are certain standards to be kept up in The House of Peevish.

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