Busy Social Calendar

That Baby is running me ragged, man.

It is HARD WORK being adored by your public, I imagine. Having all sorts of places to go, people to see, things to do, must be EXHAUSTING. But I tell you, it is MORE exhausting being the chauffeur who facilitates this flurry of social activity.

Stinkerbelle has a busy social calendar this week, and despite being up fussing half the night, she’s as bright as a daisy and raring to go, whereas I am more inclined to stick my head back under the covers and sleep for a week. But I cannot, for she cannot disappoint Her Public.

Today is the only day this week when we don’t have something on the go. I have things to do, but they all involve housework and the like, so we are able to stay close to home. But for the rest of the week, we are busy and on the go as Stinkerbelle meets and greets.

Tomorrow is her weekly swimming lesson. Whether we go or not remains to be seen, because while she is good to go, I am not. I tripped while carrying That Baby across the bathroom on Saturday and fell, managing to stop myself at the last minute and not drop her head first into the tub, but unfortunately wrenching not one but both knees. So I have what is probably a minor sprain or somesuch in my left knee, and just an owie in the right. Either way it hurts, and while it’s not terribly serious and mostly impedes actions like squatting and doing stairs and putting on one’s underwear, I don’t know if I am up to carrying her and bouncing around with her in the pool tomorrow.

We also have to get some groceries, so it looks like tomorrow is a good day for that if we are not at the pool. Or even it we are. So there’s the inevitable grocery store grandma lovefest, which will be mercifully shorter since we will not be going to That Store. But still, there’s a better than even chance we will be trapped in the condiments aisle by several elderly ladies wearing far too much perfume who hold hopes of a good goochie-goochie on That Baby’s apple cheeks.

Then we have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to get her H1N1 shot. Now, Stinkerbelle’s doctor thinks we probably already HAD the dreaded H1N1 and so the shot is precautionary. I, however, don’t buy it, so in my opinion her getting the shot is a no brainer. Either way, That Baby will probably be out of commission for the day. Or maybe she’ll be fine. But we have to plan for the worst.

Then on Thursday and Friday, we have play dates. Thursday we have our regularly scheduled weekly babyfest with Austin and his mama, wherein much baby wrasslin’ and toy stealing and dancing and eating of goldfish ensues, and a Good Time Is Had By All. Friday is our monthly get together with some of the local Ethiopian-born cutie pies and their moms, where there will be more hilarity of the under-3 variety and food and swapping of hair care ideas.

And then we start all over again next week.

Now, if only we could convince Stinkerbelle to sleep through the night… That is not likely, what with it being prime time for a serenade from Glow Worm Pooh Bear and all. Plus, it’s the only free time she has in which to practice howling. And WHY IN THE NAME OF DOG IS SHE NOT TIRED???

Good grief. If this is any indicator of what life will be like when she is a teenager…

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  1. If it’s any consolation (and it’s not), when she’s a teenager you’ll probably have a hard time getting her out of bed.

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