Days to Stay in Bed

Today has been feeling like a day where I should have just stayed in bed, snuggled under the duvet with the cats and some shows on my laptop and my knitting.

(Although I did get to sleep in, courtesy of BDH, so that was WAY nice.)

It’s cold and dreary out, and I had to run around getting groceries this morning — studiously avoiding THAT STORE — which was fine, but where in the hell did all the people come from? The grocery stores were crowded and busy, and there was a lot of traffic on the roads. And why are the kids not in school? Is it a holiday? Why didn’t somebody tell me?

I spent way too much money for the measly bins of groceries I ended up with. Milk, vitamins, meat… big ticket items. Le sigh. I meant to go light on the spending today, what with Christmas looming big on our Visa card. Oh well.

I got home to find that our daughter’s name change paperwork was sent back AGAIN. This time, they say our vet, who was our guarantor on all our travel/passport documents and consequently on this as well, and who has known us for 15 years, is not valid. They indicate that they need a “legally qualified medical practitioner”, which she IS… Gah. How I HATE those bastards in Thunder Bay. She’s apparently okay as a guarantor on my passport, but not to do a simple name change? NICE. Get your shit together, government. AND every time they send this stuff back, we have to pay AGAIN to send it BACK to them.


So that’s been bugging.

Plus, with the holidays coming around, there’s always the inevitable discussions and considerations around what to do about my estranged family. It’s a question that we toss around and around and around. It’s never a fun thing to think about; it just serves to get us stirred up and angry and resentful. So as we drove around in the car today, I was talking about it with Stinkerbelle. Not that she has much to say about the matter, but it’s nice to have a sympathetic ear. She’s a good listener. Also, now that she is in the car with me all the time, I can talk and it doesn’t look like I am just a sad case who drives around and talks to herself. Another bonus to having kids!

And then there’s just the everyday hassles of preparing for Christmas. We’re a few weeks out, so we really have to get some things done. Cleaning, organizing, making lists, checking them twice (no, THAT part is all done!)… there IS a lot to get done. And I am really NOT in the mood, but I think this year, we may have to break the traditional rule and start trying to get decorating and festive BEFORE my birthday. I don’t much give a fiddler’s fart for my birthday anymore anyway, since there’s someone else in the house now for whom festivities are FAR more important. But we DO have to get started.

And to top things off, That Baby has NOT been going to bed well this week, or waking at odd hours. I have been alone much of the evenings this week due to BDH’s soccer schedule, which would be fine EXCEPT for those times when it takes 2 hours to get That Baby to go to sleep and there’s much crying and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Or when she wakes at 5 am. I wish she could just tell us what the problem is — are you teething? growing pains? gas? all of the above? — because then we could fix it, and I could have a quiet evening to myself that does not involve the sound of screaming baby through a monitor or trucking up and down the stairs to see what is the matter.

So this week we are tired and cranky. All of us.

So, yeah. Not a banner day, mood-wise. It really IS the House of Peevish around here. And if That Baby is fussing at bedtime again tonight, it’s going to be a full house.

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