Auntie Sherri ROCKS!

Just so you know, Stinkerbelle’s Auntie Sherri ROCKS. She rocks like a rocking thing that rocks.

And here is why.

Because she gave us boxes of potato chips and a toaster oven?

prezzies 01

Well, although those would be cause for glad tidings of great joy… no.

Because she filled the chip boxes and toaster oven box with magical hand-me-downs and then sent them to us!!

prezzies 02

We LOVELOVELOVE the hand-me-downs around here, as you probably already know.


And because That Baby runs around here like little Flower Child Hippie Baby with bare feet and funky but not always weather-specific clothing (much like her mama) when the cold weather set in, we found ourselves sorely ill-equipped.

So imagine the joy of finding snowsuits and jackets and warm jammies and every good thing!

prezzies 04

And also, SHOES! And BOOTS! Which we do not have hardly any of, currently. So HUZZAH! (Although I did not take a picture of them, for some reason. Go figure.)

There were some lovely pretty girly-girl dresses, so becoming for a little girl during the holiday season!

prezzies 03

So now it will be a lovely, pretty, warm winter! Hurray for hand-me-downs!

And this? Is why Auntie Sherri ROCKS!

(Thank you Sherri!)

6 thoughts on “Auntie Sherri ROCKS!

  1. Dude. That is AWESOME.

    And now I am telling myself, “Self? Do NOT buy more clothes for That Baby. For if you do, Cinnamon will KILL YOU DEAD. You know, after she digs her way out of the mountain of clothes.”

    But That Baby will look fabulous.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monkey Clothes. I did NOT go overboard. With monkeys there is no such thing as TOO much.

    You are the object of envy throughout the land, it’s true.

  3. Love the handmedowns. I met another mom at the swimming pool last week who adopted her now 9 year old son from Haiti, and as we were chatting I mentioned how crazy fast Sport grows, and by the time she got out the words, “Oh, I don’t know anyone with younger boys and we always have stuff….” I already had my name and phone # written down for her.

    (But I wouldn’t say no to 2 boxes of potato chips, either.)

  4. So glad you got them. I still have some I didn’t have boxes for, but they are size 2s and she won’t need them yet. More hand me downs to come I am afraid. I just got three large leaf bags of clothes for Madd Dawn, which we desparately needed. Stinkerbell will be so cute in the bright pink snowsuit. I loved it cause it was one piece. Enjoy.

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