So. Yeah. OOPS.

I was on That Magical Knitting Site again, and on some of the boards, they are starting the Christmas discussions. Now, around here, we don’t do Christmas decorating or music or movies or anything until after my birthday.


But I got involved in a thread today about favourite Xmas movies, and one of the things we love around here is Christmas movies. So NOW I am all jazzed for the Christmas season to start.

So anyway, I moved on through these threads and there was a thing about music. Somebody posted a YouTube clip of an episode of PeeWee’s Playhouse with the song “Feliz Navidad” sung by Charo.

Did you catch that? It’s like the unholy trinity of entertainment: PeeWee Herman, “Feliz Navidad”, and Charo.

I had to look. Ye gods, it was like a car wreck.

But the thing is? As I was watching, That Baby wandered over to take a look.

If you could have SEEN the LOOK ON HER FACE.

There’s no amount of therapy that’s going to fix that. I think I have scarred my child FOR LIFE.

5 thoughts on “So. Yeah. OOPS.

  1. My daughter watched it for a moment, looking haunted. Then started to giggle and pronounced it “weird”.

    Okay, off to the basement to canter on imaginary horses. Again.

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