Thoughts, Wishes, Prayers

If you have any good thoughts, wishes, or prayers you can spare today, I have someone who can use them.

My dear friend Heather, That Baby’s most awesome and legendary Auntie Heather, she of the boxes of baby clothes and mad trips to Ikea, is in surgery today. She was diagnosed two weeks ago with breast cancer.

Heather is already a survivor of childhood cancer. She is tough. She survived the unsurvivable as a kid. So this is not going to beat her no way, no how. Not if she has anything to say about it. Not if her family and friends have anything to say about it. And most certainly, not if I have anything to say about it.

But still, it is a battle. And she has been scared, and she has been hurt by cancer in the past, and she is wary. So if you could send up any good thoughts, any positivity, any healing vibes out into the world for her, I am sure she would appreciate it. And if you are the praying sort, that would mean a great deal to her.

And if you can spare some good thoughts for her husband Javier, and their two beautiful kids, and her lovely mom and dad and sister as they wait it out, that would really be wonderful too.

Heather’s meant the world to us here at the House of Peevish for close to ten years now. So although I know she is not reading this today:

Heather, we’re thinking of you. We can’t visit because we’ve been sick, but you will need to rest anyway, and don’t need the likes of me and the Noisy Baby disturbing your rest and recovery. But we are thinking of you, and we know things will go well today. Go in there, and give ’em hell. Cancer is NO LONGER WELCOME HERE. You have good people working for you. So between the group of you, you are going to KICK CANCER’S SORRY ASS. And we will be here to cheer you on while you do. So here’s hoping things go well today, and you rest and recover this weekend. We’ll talk to you soon.

Love from Us.

9 thoughts on “Thoughts, Wishes, Prayers

  1. Said a prayer for Heather, her whole family and the doctors. She will fight this!


  2. Praying tonight, in my own kinda agnostic, sorry excuse for a Catholic way, for Heather and her whole family.

    Please let us know how she is doing.

  3. I do the Run for the Cure every year, and every year I add another name to the list on my race bib of who I’m running for, and every year I get madder and madder. Damn that disease, and Heather, I wish you strength.

  4. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers!
    The surgery went well. Now I’m just healing and waiting for the results on Nov 24th. That will determine if any further treatment is necessary. So keep praying for clean results!

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