Cave Paintings

So, around here, the task of bathing That Baby falls to whoever is available. Often times it is BDH, because I have had a bad back and shoulder these past few months.

We have gotten some tub toys for That Baby to help with bathtime — specifically, floating alphabet letters. Two sets, actually, so that we have two of each letter and can spell more. BDH likes to spell with That Baby. He will pick out letters and stick them to the side of the tub, teaching Stinkerbelle her name or other simple words like “cat” or “baby”. And then, when bathtime is done, the letters are tossed into their tubside caddy until next time.

So, imagine my surprise to come into the bathroom one morning, and look over at the tub wall to see, in bright multicoloured letters:



I do not know what it means.

I’m kind of intrigued. Also? A little scared.

I imagine this is how the archaeologists who discovered those prehistoric cave paintings in France felt. Or maybe the people who tried to decipher the Rosetta Stone.

9 thoughts on “Cave Paintings

  1. Okay, once you solve the mystery of the strange cave paintings, can you please put your mind to figuring out what the heck I did with my password to see cute Baby pictures? I am such a big fat loser. 🙁

  2. Anything’s possible.

    I thought it might have been a reference to 70s SNL “Mr. Bill” but when asked, both BDH and That Baby denied any knowledge.

    Besides, it was “Oh no, Mr. Bill” not “Uh oh”.

    The mystery continues.

    (Note to self: Buy plasticine.)

  3. OMG – you just said plasticine!!! I NEVER hear that word anymore (or read it, I should say). You’ve brought back the memories and the smells of my childhood. We used it call it by it’s real name, plasticine (yeah, even us wee kids), but I guess it’s called Play-Doh now.

    …back to your actual blog post – keep an eye out for more mystery scrollings. You never know what secrets of the universe you may uncover.

  4. Thank doG it didn’t say REDRUM. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe, just maybe, it was one of the cats. It could happen….

  5. I think what happened was Mr. Bob did some Magic and when it all went haywire said “uh oh”

    Or maybe “Uh oh” occured after a “magic” poop appeared in the tub and they called it “Mr.Bob”.

    I hear the poop in the tub is not an uncommon occurence among the wee folk!

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