SO Over It, Already

GAH. We are SO over this cold thing already.

I am totally ready to break up with this cold. “Yeah, cold? Yeah, I think we should stop seeing each other. No, it’s not me, it’s YOU.”

Stinkerbelle has had a rough go the past few days. She’s had a fever since, what, Thursday or Friday? She’s had her first cough and chest cold, which means that she’s learning to cough, essentially… so, choking and gagging a lot of the time (yesterday, enough to throw up her breakfast all over herself). And she’s been coughing all night long all weekend, which means nobody around here has gotten much sleep.

Today is the first day since last week that we’ve seen glimmers of her little Miss Firecracker self. And even still, she’s tired.

Needless to say, we’re staying in today, probably tomorrow too. She won’t be going to swimming lessons tomorrow.

And luckily (or unluckily, depending on perspective), she’s in to the doctor on Wednesday for her 18 month MMR and vaccination — and hopefully a flu shot and H1N1 too. But we’ll have to see on that. I’m guessing they won’t want to give her 57 shots in one go. But even if they schedule her flu/H1N1 shots for another day, I’ll be happy, because that’s one less thing we’ll have to worry about. And they can check on her and make sure that she’s getting over this cold just fine.

And neither BDH nor I have felt much like ourselves. Chest colds wreak havoc on me, with my asthma, and I’ve been sneezing my brains out. (I have a big, hearty sneeze. No dainty sneezes or little girly multi-sneezing for me. Oh no. If I am going to sneeze, then I am GOING FOR IT, man.) BDH has a cough powerful enough to blow the windows out, or at the very least hurt your eardrums. And we’re both pooped right out.

(Still exercising, though, for those of you following along with our 100 Day Challenge. Day 57 today! Woot!)

So yeah. TOTALLY ready to be done with this cold.

There’s a lot I have to catch up on. Housework, groceries, bills to be paid, and other stuff around the house wait to be done. I have to get caught up on cooking and baking and planning our meals. There are some play dates to be planned. I have to start planning my Christmas baking. I have to get to the post office.

Also, I have to get caught up on my quilt posts. I have to tell you all about some gorgeous fabrics and wishes that have come in: first, from Dianne and Chris and the legendary Hana of song and story, and also from the lovely and talented Alana. So I will have to get my camera out and get some pictures taken. And I have to update my quilt page, which (since doing some server changes months back) is a bit of a tedious process, but has to get done.

But none of that will get done today. Possibly not even tomorrow.

For today, there is a little girl with a not very friendly cough, a very runny nose and a hint of a fever who still needs love and cuddles. And a whole lot of nose wiping. And if that means we sit and snuggle under a blanket in front of her very favourite videos, well that is just fine by me.

We’re SO over this cold already. But, if I am honest, there’s a little part of me that kinda loves that Little Miss Busy and Independent needs me.

3 thoughts on “SO Over It, Already

  1. Poor girl 🙁 And poor you! Have you considered getting her checked to see if it is H1N1? The symptoms sound spot on, and if it is, then that is one less injection she needs to undergo.

  2. Nah, it’s far too mild. Her fever has been low-grade, less than 102, and it took its time coming on, just like a cold – “Three days coming, three days here, three days going.”

    We had Sydney A (which my research now shows is H3N2! I was part of a pandemic! Who knew?) back in 1998, and that was like being hit by a bus. It was like flu on steroids and crack, man. This? Is a walk in the daisies by comparison.

    Which is also why we are so totally wanting to get the H1N1 shot, because man, I do NOT want to do THAT again. And I certainly don’t want That Baby to have to go through it.

  3. Oh, yea! I’m glad the quilt square got there. I agonized over that thing. There were so many cool fabrics to select that I think I might have to make my kids quilts despite my swearing I couldn’t do it. I got a matching one for them just in case I ever do, so I can tell them about a certain baby from Ethiopia that has the very same square in her blanket.

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