Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again. Time for Teh Sick to visit out house.

BDH is a diabetic, so when I say he’s sicker than any 10 people I know, usually it’s not an exaggeration. He gets sick more frequently than others, and is more susceptible to whatever is going around. And what he gets, lasts WAAAAY longer than it should. But that generally means that what he’s got I usually DON’T, since I’m pretty much as healthy as a horse most of the time.

But then, BDH got on some new meds earlier this year and his diabetes became much more under control. And presto! change-o! He didn’t get sick as often. And what he got didn’t last. It was great!

Until the first rumblings of Teh Cold began, which eventually took up residence in his chestal region on the weekend.

Now me, I have been on this 100 Day Challenge fitnessy thing. And that means I am exercising and running and walking and yoga-ing like a fiend. I am FIT! I am STRONG!

I am also TIRED!

And so, consequently, now I am SICK!


Oh well. It happens. It’s a cold.

But is anybody else just a TEENSY TINY WEE BIT PARANOID about the whole H1N1 thing? I mean, just a LEETLE bit? And not just for me because, hey, I had the Sydney A flu when it was going around back in ’97 or something and that? Was the sickest I have EVER been. So I figure something that hasn’t even got a PROPER NAME isn’t going to outdo THAT ONE. So whatevs.

But Stinkerbelle? For her, I worry.

She is little. And so I worry. If anything were to happen to her, I would curl up and die. So although I know the chances of picking up this latest bad boy are pretty small, I still worry. You can’t avoid it.

And I am going to watch her like a HAWK as this cold inevitably gets passed on to her. And every other sniffle and complaint until the season is done.

6 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. I just haven’t worried too much about the N1H1. I just figure that if we get it, we’ve done the best we can to avoid it, and it was just our due.

    I also keep in mind that the kids are in good health anyway, so their systems are pretty strong. But if we had something else? Dude, I’d totally freak.

    But I know what you mean.

  2. 1. Good work on the fitnessy stuff. Can you give me a kick in the butt for that, please and thank you.

    2. Keep that little stinkerbelle feeling healthy and well! It sucks when little ones don’t feel good.

  3. I totally am scared of this flu as we were ground zero here in Windsor for the first round last year. But now, healthy people are dying and that scares me. I also have diabetes like my brother and am also on some very strong meds to suppress my immune system for my Crohn’s so I have very, very little abilty to fight even the simplest ailment. I am not so much scared for myself but my kids. Kids in Autumn’s school are already testing positive and since she bites her nails, she will get it and bring it home to us and little Madd Dawn Farmer. I also babysit 8 kids afterschool so our chances of getting this thing are probably very high. We can only do our best, get vaccinated, wash religiously, use sanitizer and be careful. Again I state, I am terrified, but NOT anal. I may be overreacting but we just don’t know much about this flu. Stay safe and healthy all.

  4. Yeah, we’re totally thinking of getting vaccinated ourselves. Better safe than sorry. Although what makes me laugh is that there are some flying nutbags out there circulating some crazy shit about “experts” (read: Snopes-debunked retired doctors and stuff) saying the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus. Yeah… RIIIIIIIIGGGGHT. I am sure there are a number of parents out there who have just lost their precious children to H1N1 and would beg to differ.

    (ETA: That’s not to say everyone shouldn’t do what they think is best for their kids. You do research, you make your opinions, your mileage may vary, and all that. What I find objectionable is the stuff that smacks of conspiracy theory and flies completely in the face of all reason, but it passed off as fact because they got an email that says “somebody I know knows somebody who knows somebody who says” and then throws in a name to make it all sound true.)

  5. You know what cracks me up, our vaccine appointments are for December 10th and I am in a very high risk category. Flu season runs from November to January. I will probably get the flu before I get the vaccine. Crazy!

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