Enough Already

Okay. I have had enough.

This rain has GOT to STOP. It’s depressing. It has rained so much over the summer and fall that I am beginning to get a little mouldy. My fingers are getting pruney. I could not get my garden to grow, and now that the season’s done, I can’t get out and clean up the mess that should have been my garden.

And, worst of all, it’s breaking my little girl’s heart.

Yesterday, we had to do some running around, getting groceries. It was nice and warm when we left, and the rain that was forecast was nowhere in sight. It looked like it might be a day where we could spend some time outside. As I walked my daughter to the car after returning our grocery cart, and picked her up to load her into her car seat, she began to cry, a plaintive wail at being cooped up once again. She LOVES outside. So I thought maybe after naptime and lunch we could do something.

The afternoon rolled around and lunch was done. I looked outside to check the weather, and see if I could take That Baby out to run off some energy. The rain was holding off, so I promised Stinkerbelle I would take her outside to play.  So I took her upstairs and changed her diaper and put some jeans on her, got her dressed in socks and shoes and a warm hoodie, and got myself suitably dressed. We stepped outside onto the porch… and it began to drizzle. And drizzle. And drizzle some more.

And it had gotten cold. Too cold, what with the damp, to let her play on the porch. So I took her back inside.

And she cried. Not the wailing, phoney-baloney cry of protest and anger we normally get when her plans are thwarted. No, not this time. She cried with that look of utter devastation on her face. Complete disappointment. She had been SO looking forward to playing outside and running around. She loves it so much. And I had broken her tiny trust.

I was the worst mommy in the world. I felt so bad.

So for the remainder of the day, I let her keep her shoes on, in case the rain let up and we could dash out for a bit of a walk. We were not so lucky.

Me, I don’t mind being inside. The wind is blowing and it is cold and damp out there, and I would much rather stay in with a warm bevvie and some knitting.

But Stinkerbelle… She is bored. And at her age, there’s only so much you can do to amuse her, because she still has the attention span of a soap dish. We haven’t got friends or other kids to go visit. I haven’t really done much in the way of researching other “drop in” types of entertainment in town (although I will have to get on that). And I hate parking her in front of a DVD.

So if the rain could stop, that would be really great. Because while it’s raining and pouring, the old man may be snoring, but That Baby is crying real tears of disappointment. And it’s making her mommy sad too.

5 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Oh that is so SAD.

    I hope you find one of those indoor “playgrounds”. The princess LOVES LOVES LOVES them. And I? Get to take home one tired girl.

  2. Do you have a Y-neighbours group near you? My Mom used to take us there when we were little. The parents get to visit and there is someone to watch over the children while they play close by. I think it’s free to go or very low cost. My sister in-law went there when her kids were small and the kids made lots of friends. She enjoyed the break from being at home all day.


  3. I wish we did, but our Y is EXTREMELY expensive. But we have an Early Years Centre so I might try going there. (Except finding it online is nigh unto impossible. So we’ll have to just drop in.)

  4. Are you in Ontario (I’m assuming so, from the post about the awful rain, but I can’t remember from other posts)?

    Just wondering, ‘cos if you’re close, we’re always up for play dates.


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