No Post Where There Should Be One

Okay, I know I should post today, I really should. And I have things to say. Like about how Stinkerbelle spent the morning being pushed in our cart through the grocery store saying, “Uh oh! Uh oh! UH OH!” Or how she learned, randomly, how to sign the word “table” and will now, equally randomly, in the middle of reading a book or walking through the hallway or whatever, sign “Table! Table! Table!” like she’s throwing gangsta signs in da hood or something.

I really WOULD post except… it’s Social Worker Day.

Yes, today is our 3rd and final visit from the Social Worker to do our final report as required for our adoption. Today is the last time we have to be appraised by a Recognized Adoption Practitioner Person to see that we are Fit Parents and Doing A Good Job.

And after this, we are on our own. We will be sending annual reports to doG knows where, and then hopefully somebody in Ethiopia will get them and probably not even look at them and then file them in the appropriate drawer in some dark room somewhere, never to be seen again.

But in the meantime, we have this one last visit to get through.

So, we’re doing a last minute cleanup of the prospective Social Worker-visited areas. We are planning to make supper ahead of time. We are going to toss That Baby in the tub and do her hair.

It’s still, even though it is a formality, a bit of a nervous time. We want to make a good impression.

But another thing that’s making this visit stressful is that it is still up in the air as to whether or not we have to pay for this visit. We are annoyed by this. Thanks to That Agency going bankrupt, our money in trust for this visit is nowhere to be seen. Our social worker is officially the creditor in this situation, and she, along with the other creditors, voted to waive the money owing to them. Which is fine for HER, because she still gets paid. But we had no say in the decision, and yet we have to pay TWICE for this stupid report. So we are annoyed, and the discussion about this money has to happen.

So that’s kind of hanging over our day too.

But that is a couple of hours away yet. Before then we must bath That Baby and make her presentable. We must tidy and prepare dinner. We must strike in the hustle and the bustle beforehand.

So, I have no time to post anything today. Sorry.

But I’ll tell you what… just imagine something really fun and interesting is posted here in this space, K? Something fun. You decide. I’m cool with that.

So, until tomorrow… UH OH. And also? TABLE.

9 thoughts on “No Post Where There Should Be One

  1. Thanks for not posting… HA! I’m imagining a post about sunny days and warm weather. Not so much here today!

    Good luck with your last visit. I’m sure it will go fine.


  2. That really sucks about the fees. Hope she cut you a deal.

    I think at work tomorrow I am going to just randomly turn to people and say TABLE. Because I am bored easily, that’s why.

  3. Snicker, snort….Tafel you crack me up. Just ramdomly throw in a Uh Oh and that will really thow things for a loop. Or even better….Uh oh, TABLE!

    I for one, have seen Stinkerbelle in a wide variety of swimming gear and she is adorable. She rocks the bikini man. And Cinn, I am sure you are looking very good in your suit as well due to your 100 day challenge. Keep up the good work. You and BDH both are doing such a great job.

    And speaking of a great job. Well done with Stinkerbelle. She is growing up well loved and well taken care of. You are both great parents, just in case the social worker forgot to mention that.

  4. Well it is the day after Social Worker Day and I am sure the all went well…hopefully the money dicussion did too!


    Sometimes I follow up by randomly yelling out – CHAIR!

    That really gets them when you add that but you have to wait about 10 minutes from the first TABLE because of course you want the element of surprise that outburst #1 was not just a one off!

  5. our SW days are over but my husband used to love them. He said to our SW “I will miss your visits, the house will probably never be cleaned again!” Fortunately, she knew he was joking…. I hope.

  6. I am also glad you didn’t have time to post today because I really don’t have time to read it. I really don’t have the time to send in a reply or have the time to comment on that baby making signs which I saw the other day on web cam. She is adorable and is ON THE MOVE. But I will catch up with you on another day when I have time to sit in front of the keyboard and take my time to reply with a suitable answer for you and that Baby.

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