Eddie Iz Done!

Eddie Izzard, one of our favourite people in the entire world, has just finished running 43 MARATHONS IN 51 DAYS to raise funds for Sport Relief (which is a branch of Comic Relief, one of our favourite charities in the entire world).

I’ve been following his journey on Twitter and it has been remarkable. He literally ran AROUND the UK… and rescued a kitten en route! The man now truly OWNS the title “action transvestite”!

Way to go Eddie! Hell of a feat. Not to mention, hell on the feet.

4 thoughts on “Eddie Iz Done!

  1. 43 marathons in 51 days in insane!!! I have a hard time runnning 10KM in one day!!! And to add in saving a kitten too….

    You go Eddie!

  2. If he did not, at some point during the marathon, cry, “ARRRRGHHHHH, I’m covered in BEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!” I will be very disappointed.

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