A Poem, By Henry Gibson

I still have a post to make about some more lovely quilt squares, and I will do that later today. But I just saw in the news that Henry Gibson died this week.  And I am a little sad about that, and so I wanted to make mention of him.

Now, you probably don’t know who Henry Gibson is — unless you are a Laugh In fan. (He did many, many more things, but character actors tend not to be as name-recognizable as your pretty Hollywood stars.)

But if you know Laugh In, then when I say “A poem, by Henry Gibson”, you will know exactly who I am talking about.

So in his memory, here’s one of his poems, that I had on a big poster on my wall all through high school and university. It got lost by my father when I moved to Japan. I have always missed it since.

It’s Not the Same Without Pelicans

It’s not the same without pelicans, you know?
I mean, dinosaurs… Well, they’re too big to miss…
And besides, it was their own fault.
But we all grew up with pelicans!
I hope the ducks hold out.

I hope they bury Mr. Gibson holding a big flower.

4 thoughts on “A Poem, By Henry Gibson

  1. I had the same poster on my bedroom wall as a kid and Googled this page up today trying to confirm the words of the poem..
    Sorry to know he’s gone…thanks for all the fun and RIP Henry!.

    Peter Leathersac

  2. Such a memory. This same poster hung in a one room schoolhouse in Collingwood Ontario owned by my friend’s family. So profound. Thirty five years later I still remember it. Here’s to the Telfers for having it there. Thanks for the memory.

  3. Thanks so much for posting this. I have been looking for it for years – always wanted the poster.

  4. I still have that poster and have it framed and hanging at the end of my hall way. I love hearing that other people loved it as much as I do.

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