Back By Popular Demand!

And now, back by popular demand (well, Janna asked, anyway. Shut up.) I give you… my PESTO RECIPE! Ta daaaah! *insert fanfare*

Okay. So it’s not actually MY pesto recipe. But it is the one I use, and it works well.

And, because I don’t have as pretty a garden this year — the weather being CRAP and all — I also give you pictures of last year’s bounty. My harvest this week will be more anemic-looking, but it’s still bountiful, so I will get a good batch of pesto. And because I have a ridiculous crop of green onions… more jerk! (We had our first taste of this year’s jerk last night and OH MY DOG. The closest chicken has gotten to heaven in a long time.)

I am glad it will be a cloudy week. I am looking forward to cooking.

Good doG how I love fall!

2 thoughts on “Back By Popular Demand!

  1. Sweet! Thanks! Looks like I’ll be busy this weekend. Good thing it’s payweek, because if I’m buying parmesan, pine nuts & extra virgin olive oil, I’m going to need some serious dough. Oh well, no pain, no gain! Can this recipe be frozen? I can’t remember! Ever since the proposal to re-start Imagine came out my brain has been moooosh.

  2. It freezes really well. We just spoon it into little ziploc containers and stick ’em in the deep freeze. It’s awesome to have fresh pesto in the middle of winter, I tell you truly.

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