Moving. On, Around, Up…

Whoa. It’s been a time here at the House of Peevish. Bubby has left the building, and as she has moved on to bigger and better things, so do we.

(Actually, what she has moved on to is, I think, haunting the other cats and That Baby. Everyone has been displaying distinctly Bubby-like behaviours since her departure, and in general acting like weenies. So either she is haunting them — AND I WOULD NOT PUT IT PAST HER — or at the very least, she had a quick word with each of them before she left and left them explicit instructions. Being a weenie from beyond the grave — it’s her style.)

But the past week or so has caused us to take stock of things. And we have decided to get some things done. Lots of things. Moving things. Cleaning things. All sorts of things.

And then on Saturday, I threw my back out. And so, as I sit in my chair, it has been mostly BDH who has been doing things.

(Bah. I am sore and peevish. And feeling like an arse because I can’t do much to help BDH in his quest for order.)

There are all sorts of tasks that we’ve been wanting to accomplish, and for whatever reason, Opus’s death has kicked us into gear and we decided to do some of them. Or maybe it’s the onset of fall that’s done it, opening the windows and letting the cool air and sunshine in. But whatever it is, we’ve been cleaning and sorting and organizing like crazy.

Okay. BDH has. Whatever.

We put thousands of photos into albums. We washed and folded lots of laundry. We cleaned and put away Opus-maintenance items like her cage and her blankets and her litter box. We reorganized furniture. We made (or planned to make) food from the produce in our sadly neglected kitchen garden, like jerk and pesto and tomato sauce, which will then go in the freezer to be enjoyed all year.

We’re getting our lives in order, too. We got a calendar, one of those dry-erase deals, and put it up on the kitchen wall, so we can track appointments and Stinkerbelle’s swimming lessons and garbage days and whatever else. We started off a personal fitness challenge. We’re scouring websites and cookbooks for new or healthier or more interesting or more budget-friendly recipes to try. We’re making checklists. We’re imposing order on chaos.

It has been nice. It has been some change. Change is sometimes good.

The only problem? With all this moving and changing, there will come a time, hours or days or weeks from now, when one of us will go, “Have you seen my X?” And neither of us will have sweet fanny all of an idea where the heck we put X in all our flurry of cleaning and futzing and moving.

But it’s okay. Opus moved on, nice weather moved in, and we got moving. It’s all good, in its own way.

1 thought on “Moving. On, Around, Up…

  1. Being a weenie from beyond the grave? Heh! And I here you on the cleaning up & then not being able to find anything. It’s like cleaning up performs some kind of mind-wipe. I hope your back is feeling better soon. I too have a whole bunch of basil in my garden, could you post your pesto recipe? I’d love to be able to make & freeze some pesto, and the last recipe I used did not work out all that well (it was more of a puree).

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