14 thoughts on “Goodbye, Friend

  1. Goodnight sweet Bubby.

    Cinn, BDH & Stinkerbelle,

    I’m so very sorry that this day has come so soon. I know the love you hold for your girl and the loss you feel. Opus had a great life and was such a character! I hope you know that I’m thinking of you and sending you hugs.

    We love you guys!

  2. The grieving will go on for some time but be assured that she is in a better place and without pain and suffering. NO ONE WILL TAKE HER PLACE. So for all of you, be comforted in the fact that others feel your pain and sorrow. Life will go on and you will again feel the joy of life as Opus would have enjoyed it with you if she were here.

  3. Drat, I meant Opus…. sorry, I am crying so badly reading this, my brain is a bit mushy…. sorry!

  4. from one cat lover to another……rest in peace, sweet Opus. I know the love I have for my cats, and the cats I’ve lost. All the best to you. Opus was your family member…….and felt loved by you, I’m certain.

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