Things We Did Today

Never let it be said that things are boring here at The House of Peevish. (Okay, well, they often ARE… just never let it be SAID, okay?)

  • One very hot and somewhat painful walk — Yes, after a month of inactivity, we FINALLY got out for a walk. My shoulder has made it impossible all month to do much of anything, but after 3 or 4 hours at the massage therapist, I thought it might be a good time to try a walk. And it was… okay. Certainly less painful than when my injury first appeared. I kind of have to hold my arm/shoulder in a funky way — held back, or with my arm behind me, or my arm up and over my other shoulder — but it was tolerable. And it was really warm, so I am glad we did it first thing in the morning. Yay for activity!
  • Swinging on the swings — Stinkerbelle LOVES to go to the park. We walk a couple of kilometres from here into an older neighbourhood, and there’s a park there that never has any kids in it. I think the neighbourhood’s kids have all grown up and moved away — that seems to be the age of the neighbourhood. So we found this park in the springtime and we love it. We started up the street where the park is and That Baby was sitting on Full Upright Alert in her stroller. By the time the swings came into view, she was pointing and shouting. She loves the swings… for about ten minutes. Then it’s “all done” and we’re off on our walk again. But 10 minutes, while she swings in the shade of a big old pine, is enough time for me to cool off and have a drink, so I am fine with that.
  • Pointing — That Baby is WAY into pointing. Everything is pointing. Pointitty point point. If there’s something she wants or likes, she points at it and jabbers and signs. If we reprimand her for something, she points at us and wags her finger. If she wants to touch something (usually one of my mugs or a kitty) she starts pointing and zooming her little pointer finger in on it. If she wants to touch something she is not supposed to, she gets out the little wandering pointer finger all surreptitious-like, like I am not going to notice. And recently, it’s a game. She comes over and points and me and I point at her and we do a little pointy-finger bump. Kind of a “high one”.
  • Rocking OUT to The William Tell Overture and some assorted marches — That Baby LOVES to get her groove on. She will dance to ANYTHING. (HA! Name that 80s alt song and artist and I’ll give you a cookie.) But today, we were revisiting some of her Baby Einstein videos, and the William Tell Overture was on… and I tell you solemnly, that child bounced across the room on her butt. It was some baby version of yogic flying going on here.
  • Swimming — Well, we CALL it swimming. But really it was more like splashing in an inch of water in a paddling pool on the porch, climbing in and out of said paddling pool repeatedly, and being told SIXTY-FIVE BILLION TIMES not to stand up in the paddling pool and then being placed increasingly more firmly down on one’s backside.
  • Eating popsicles — Eating may be too strong a word. Possibly “drooling a popsicle down one’s front” may, in fact, be more accurate.

All in all, it’s not a bad way to spend a day.

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