Sick and Also Tired

We’ve been sick. BDH brought home a cold which he generously shared with all of us — despite his best efforts to the contrary.

Now, I have often said that BDH gets sicker than any 10 people we know, and it’s true. He’s floored by a cold, where we are merely annoyed. He’s suffering pretty hard. I am fine — snuffy and tired, but fine. But Stinkerbelle?

This is That Baby’s first cold — well, not really, but it is the first cold for which she has the capacity to participate in all the joys of sickdom. She’s had colds before, her first being when we arrived home from Ethiopia, but she was so tiny it was pretty straightforward to take care of her. She slept through a lot of it. Plus she was on some meds for an ear infection, so that made it easier.

But now? Now, she is a full-on booger machine. The kid is a mobile fountain of nasty. She’s running at the nose, and sneezing her way through the day. But she’s such a happy, good-natured kid that we always say, she wouldn’t complain if her hair were on fire. So she is remarkably energetic and full of beans despite the congestion. And despite the fact that her mother is chasing her around the house with a Kleenex or a facecloth, continually wiping what has to be a tender little button of a nose.

Last night was not as easy for her, however. She felt pretty miserable, and just wanted to be cuddled. Bedtime took FOR. EVER. She would not go to sleep, or when she did, a snuffle or a sneeze would wake her and she was not best pleased. So we got her up and she snuggled on Daddy’s chest through a couple of episodes of Mythbusters. (Our kid likes Mythbusters. Yes, I know how lucky we are.) Then, after singing more nursery rhymes and Janis Joplin than should be allowed by law, I was able to rock her to sleep for the duration.

But it has been a struggle in other ways, since both BDH and I have injuries. I have pinched nerves in my shoulder, which makes carrying, rocking and lifting That Baby really difficult (although massage is working wonders). BDH has, in no particular order, a separated shoulder on the mend, a possible torn meniscus in his wrist, and a sprained knee, all of which make toting That Baby around and chasing after her a challenge. So, often times, when we get up in the morning, or get up to take care of her in the middle of the night, or put her to bed, it is a tag-team operation. So on top of the sick, we’re tired. And sore.

But it’s all part of life with a little one. And she’s so bonny and bright and robust most of the time, she rarely causes us any trouble health-wise. So we honestly can’t complain about a cold every now and again.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am on nose clean-up.

9 thoughts on “Sick and Also Tired

  1. Awww, poor Stinkerbelle (and poor Mommy & Daddy). I hope you’re all feeling better soon. As for Mythbusters – what’s not to like? That has got to be one of the best/funniest shows ever. Have you seen the episode where they film Adam’s sneeze in slow-motion? Comedy gold! Also, I can no longer see walruses without thinking of Jamie Hyneman.

  2. Hey! I wore a mask, used purell and washed my hands so much they were pruney most of the time.

    I really tried not to give it to you girls :-(.

  3. I’m guessing you will also be cleaning some residue off the TV, based on her licking habits. Hee, but also BLEH. At least she’s still cheery…

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