Future Shock

I love looking at That Baby. I love the chubby babyness of her little legs and arms. I love the way her nose crinkles when she smiles. I love her little squidgy toes. I love the big, round, deep, dark pools of her eyes. I love the strong little chin that juts out and just screams “stubborn”. I love the freckles and beauty marks that we’ve come to know so well.

I am enchanted by the individual parts that make a gorgeous, sweet whole.

And yet…

There are times when I am surprised by what I see. Like, when I am looking at her while we are rocking at naptime. I’m gazing into her eyes. She’s blissfully moving towards sleep, bottle of milk in one hand, blankie in the other.

I look at her, and suddenly I see her eyes transform. Become more distinct in their almond shape. She looks at me, and I see the eyes of the generations upon generations that have come before her. I see the eyes of so many women I have met.

And it hits me, a wave of shock and fear and betrayal:


YOU.. are going to become… A TEENAGER!

A teenaged GIRL!!”

15 thoughts on “Future Shock

  1. Buff!!!!……I´m afraid…that´s life!!!!

    Take it easy and enjoy the present!

  2. Okay, this made me laugh because it’s been on my mind a lot over the last few days in particular.

    My daughter has always had very strong opinions and been quite, uh, directive — like from the very first day we met. But in the last two weeks, her new thing is saying “No!” to every single question asked. It’s so bad that we could ask, “Would you like to eat cake and ice cream, injera and wot and pizza while visiting Disney World with your new puppy?” and she would say “No!” Today I asked her if she liked saying no to everything I say, and voila, I got a yes.

    I have decided to flee the country before the teenage years. Perhaps we could do this as a group??

  3. I think this is a good idea. There must be a teenager-free place SOMEWHERE.

    Possibly with a beach. And some tasty refreshing adult beverages.


  4. I’m pretty much breaking out the tasty refreshing adult beverages with all the no’s right now. Good practice for a decade from now.

    If we book our plane tickets, like, now, surely this will be financially advantageous, right?

  5. You know what comes sooner than the teens?…Preteens!! Woot, woot, guess where I am right now, yep, preteen and a 3-year-old. doG help me I need that beach. I already have the slush in the freezer. Where are we going to meet?

  6. Oh that’s okay. BDH has decreed that Stinkerbelle can date… when she’s 35. And he’ll greet all prospective suitors at the door — with a chainsaw in hand.

  7. I think that is why they start out as babies being so darn cute and irresistible. By the time they make it to the teenage years, you have already been hooked by their charm.

    BDH has it right! No dating until she is 35. ;D

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