Best News Ever

Finally, at long last… two of my favourite people in all Teh Internets, not to mention IRL, Rana and Yvan, got their referral yesterday!

It’s a BOY!

Go give them your warmest congratulations and your biggest virtual hugs! If any two people deserve it, after such a long wait, it’s these two.

(And you thought I was slacking off and not posting, while actually I’ve been sitting on this news all day!!)

3 thoughts on “Best News Ever

  1. Oh Cinn!!!

    I just love you…and BDH and Stinkerbelle and the cats!!

    Thanks for all your humour, love, support and stinkerbelle stories over the last oh 20 months or so!!!

    Here’s to many more….and now I can share Wee One’s stories with you too!!!!!!!!!!




  2. Can I call him Bean?

    And make him a shirt that says, “What the Hal is that smell?”

    Rana, I’m so glad I “heard” it from you first and I’m so excited for you. Best. News. Evah!!!


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