I have been trying, over the past week or two, to switch up That Baby’s nap schedule.

Previously, she was napping — or rather, catnapping — for a short 45 minutes or so in the morning and in the afternoon. That didn’t work for either of us. The morning nap wasn’t long enough for me to get anything done, and the afternoon nap wasn’t long enough for her to feel rested and not wake up in a frenzy of tears and recriminations.

Then, we tried a longer morning nap. That went well, except for the fact that she would wake up after 45 minutes and then need to be rocked while she snoozed for another 45 minutes or so — and that didn’t work for me. She was rested, but by about 4 in the afternoon she began to drag, and was positively beside herself with the tired by 6 pm.

So now, we have switched to a long nap, right after lunch. This one? Seems to be a good one. We play hard in the morning, or go for walks, or run errands, and by lunch time she is ready for a snooze. Some days Stinkerbelle will nap for two hours or more, which means I will get two hours of time to do stuff around the house, or work, or even just get a shower and lunch. And she generally wakes up rested and happy.

I am loving this nap.

One of the things I can do now, with two hours of time, is get a household routine back. I can get some cleaning done. Or I can do some laundry. Maybe I can even sit down and actually get some paid work done. But whatever I do, it means we are happier around here. And that is really nice.

We are a family that does well on routine. And with routine comes organization. And with organization comes a neater, cleaner environment. And with a neater environment comes more calm and relaxed me. And a more calm, relaxed me means a more rested me.

With this, I am finding I actually have time to think about taking on some projects around the house. Nothing monumental, mind you, but if I am not stressing about getting things done around here, I actually have time to get things done around here. I can breathe and take stock of things. I can look at things more objectively and say, “Okay. X need to be washed/sewn/mended/cleaned/painted.” Or, as is often the case, I can look at things and say, “OHMYGOD would you LOOK at the CAT HAIR on these CURTAINS” and actually plan to get them into the wash.

And I can actually see that there might be some time in which I can get up on a footstool, take down the curtain rod, bundle up the curtains, and throw them in the wash.


But it’s true. There may be time, and by doG I am going to use it. I am starting to set up small projects around here. Or, at the very least, identify projects to be done. Perhaps, given a few moments, even make a bit of a dent in one or two.

I LIKE when life goes like that. I ENJOY thinking, “THAT has to be done” and actually thinking there might be some time to do it.

But not only does it mean I can get cleaning done around here, but I can start to think about bigger projects as well. There are a lot of rooms that need painting. And some require a date with some Polyfilla before that. There are closets that need to be gone through and sorted. There are cupboards that need reorganizing. There is a garage full of stuff that needs to be cleaned out. And there’s a yard and gardens that are just crying out for some attention.

But there are personal projects too.

Right now, I am doing a lot of knitting. Although knitting is a leisure time activity, one of my potential projects is to knit a blanket for BDH, since he has been admiring the baby blankets I have been knitting and was thinking he might want one for himself. And this potentially helps clean out my closets of all the yarn I have been storehousing for — wait for it — when I can start a new big knitting project.

Now, one of the issues I have is that I am an endless project starter. I start projects with energy and enthusiasm and vision.

And then I abandon them.

(Sidebar: Some say it is because I am a Sagittarius. But BDH is the same, possibly even more of a project starter than I am, and he’s, what, a Libra or something? So there goes THAT theory. Plus I don’t take a lot of stock in that stuff. But whatever.)

But I am getting better, as I get older. Plus, the clutter of endless abandoned projects and shiny bright ideas has come home to roost. More specifically, the roost is pretty damned cluttered with these damned unfinished projects. So I am learning that perhaps projects on a smaller scale — like setting aside a couple of hours and washing the curtains, for example — are probably more achievable. I get more done this way.

So that is what the liberation of a long Stinkerbelle nap has done. It has given me an hour or two to get things done. An hour or two of precious, productive time.

Now let’s hope that we can keep this routine for a little while.

One thought on “Projected

  1. What a great post Cinn. I also love the long nap time but instead of getting all the projects and cleaning done around there that need to be done…I have to rest too. Between working from home and chasing after a 3-year-old, I need that rest time. So much for my house being clean.

    I am also a starter of great knitting projects. I have a half a dozen projects on the go and then get tired of them and have to move on to something else. I think you will find most knitters are like that. I have noticed though that I have been a bit more disciplined when it comes to the smaller projects. I tell myself I can’t try that new bamboo until X project is done. It is working a bit. My problem is the shopping and finding new yarns all the time. I think I just need to stay out of the yarn places.

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