Dear News People

Dear CTV, CBC, and other news organizations:

I see you.

Yes, I see you in my stat reports, clickity-clicking around my blog, looking for bits of information on this whole Imagine Adoption going bankrupt fiasco. I see you, nosing about for all the news that is the news. I see you, scratching and pecking about like chickens in the barnyard for kernels of info.

Well, I am here to tell you — there is no news here! (Well, unless you count That Baby discovering the wonder that is The Big Multicoloured Ball. Now THERE is some EXCITEMENT. But hardly 6 o’clock-worthy.)

Oh, and CBC? Even if there WERE news, even if I were the FONT OF ALL INSIDE SCOOP on Imagine Adoption, I would TOTALLY not tell YOU. For YOU, CBC, are on my shit list for your assoholic reporting of international adoption. Like, “Buying Babies”, for example. (Yeah, I am looking at YOU, CBC Manitoba.) Or that shitty piece you did on CAFAC. YOU, CBC, are in the penalty box. We’re talking GAME MISCONDUCT, here.

The rest of you? We love. But still? No news.

And while we appreciate you embracing technology to find this news, there’s a lot to be said for good, old-fashioned news gathering. Instead of hunting around blogs, which are just people blathering on about their lives, why not, oh, I dunno, CALL THE BOARD OF IMAGINE AND ASK WHAT THEY POSSIBLY NEEDED TO BUY AT PETSMART. OR CAMBRIDGE POOL SUPPLIES. Sheesh.

Now go do something useful. Help resolve this situation. Help these children and their caregivers get taken care of. Help these families be united. Help these families find some peace.

Go. Use your powers for GOOD. NOT evil.



(Oh, and PS — Global News? Saying people paid for children? In an adoption story? This is why you are the third-rate network. Just sayin’.)

22 thoughts on “Dear News People

  1. Yep, you did it again. That was the first chuckle I have had since this news story hit. I can almost imagine those stinky reporters holding a cup to the imaginary doors of the blogs…trying to find a wait to exploit these families lost hope. I have yet to see any news footage of that Director’s Lexus….

  2. ah ha ha ha Cinn!

    I love it! I love you!


    And you too CTV and Global ’cause I am sure along the way you have some how, some way done someone wrong.

    That explains the huge amount of traffic on my blog…but how do you know it is CTV or CBC etc?

    Why don’t you live closer so you can teach me the ways of the Googles and the Internets.

  3. OK.. time to confess.. I have been lurking regularly for months. But now, I will come out of the lurker closet and officially say you are awesome! E

  4. Too funny…. love this post. And I always love a post that includes the word shit. I’m immature like that.

  5. I think I just fell in love with you. In a week that literally has been dragging us through the depths of hell, you just about made me pee myself laughing.

    Which reminds me… potty break!

  6. Amen. Petsmart was the one that jumped out at me too. There’s a special place in hell for That Blonde Woman. Grrrrr. Looks like I’m at another stage of grief – anger. So far I’ve gone through denial, crying, etc, but mostly denial. If I don’t think about it – maybe I can pretend it’s not happening to us. Feh, I’ll be glad for 2009 to be over. Man, we fought so hard to get to this point, and it’s all for nothing. (sorry about the scatter-brained comment, I’ll retreat back to underneath my rock now).

  7. Hee hee. I think we have all seen a massive spike in traffic.
    CTV was the only one that actually contacted me, though.

    Or perhaps they could ask why no one is giving information to the families directly, but instead they have to find stuff out from As It Happens or the Globe and Mail. That’s the part that is sending me into the stratosphere of anger, and I’m not even involved, really.

  8. Hells bells, you don’t have to be involved! I just watched an interview with some guy who completed his adoption… in spring of 2008, for the love of doG. “Oh I knew it was bad, even back then…” PuhLEEZE. All the nuts are coming out to the media circus, it seems.

  9. You’re welcome Mike. Welcome in from lurkdom! And give Brenda a big hug from us. I’m really sorry you guys are stuck in this mess.

  10. I laughed. I have nothing more intelligent to say right now.

    Thanks for the giggle.


    P.S. And Hal Gorger, if you’re reading, get a life, man!!

  11. AAAHHHHH hahahahahahah! You made me snort when I laughed.

    Thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth and then arranged them much better than I could have.

  12. Hal, my friend, your absence has been barely noticed.

    Good times, good times.

    I’ll work up a good old rant about it all this weekend.

    Tonight? I’m watching HDTV and eatin’ Chinese.

  13. Another articulate post by Cinn!! I love it! I was on the floor laughing by the time you started with the chickens. Did the kernels come from Pet Smart? Maybe they could look into that….

  14. You can bet Hal is around here somewhere…I just know it…it is so like Hal to do something like that!

  15. Hal is like a bad case of eczema – you think he’s finally gone when WHAM! he pops up again worse than ever.

  16. Finally going to comment … I’ve had some catching up to do. 🙂 LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!! It rocks.

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