Brain (In)Action

Today’s brain (in)action:

  • Is my child ever, EVER going to be interested in eating REAL FOOD? Will I be spoon feeding her baby food until she leaves for university?
  • I am sitting down to cut a 22-year-old comforter in half and then sew it back up into two separate blankets with an 18-year-old sewing machine. For a 20-year-old cat.
  • When the power goes out, the house gets deathly still. Well, except for the shrieking and bounding and squealing that is my daughter at play. So maybe the DVDs are for me, then.
  • Lots of celebrity deaths these days. Some I am genuinely sad about; others, I fight the cynicism.
  • There seems to be no limit to the amount of watermelon I can eat this month. I blame… well, I don’t really have anyone to pin this one on. It’s just tasty.
  • There lies a big suitcase full of many small clothes. I pack for weather, for practicality, and for fashion. Does someone who is happy in just a diaper need that many changes of clothes?
  • I am generally happier than I have ever been. But my life would be perfect if ice cream and baked goods were suddenly non-fattening and good for you. Can you imagine? I am salivating just thinking about it.
  • Why does the cat like to lie with something ON me? His butt is on my big toe right now, and it is just weird.
  • Twitter has been an interesting experiment. Some celebrities I have learned some great things about, and that they are really cool people. But some never “shut up” and say nothing useful. Others are revealed to be giant arses. I miss the mystery and shine somewhat. I get enough of real people at the grocery store.
  • Dusk to dawn in a car barrelling across the country with nothing to do but listen to podcasts. It’s like my ideal of radio.

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