Music Meme: Answers

Last week’s music meme was a challenge, but you all gave it a good shot! So here are the answers (in case you were wondering), complete with my liner notes (because I cannot resist):

1. When you come across the sea — “When You Come” ~ Crowded House (I have a Crowded House problem. I love them; BDH loves them not so much. Like, at all.)
2. How can I be sure when your intrusion’s my illusion — “Pale Shelter” ~ Tears for Fears (80s sensitive boys, anyone?)
3. There’s an army on the dance floor — “Love My Way” ~ Psychedelic Furs (Whoa. Didn’t even know I had that song.)
4. Got brass in pocket — “Brass in Pocket” ~ The Pretenders (Okay, that one was a gimme. Title in the first line!)
5. I would come to you at night time — “Throw Your Arms Around Me” ~ Hunters and Collectors (I was surprised no one got this one.)
6. Young man there’s no need to feel down — “YMCA” ~ The Village People (And for the ear worm… You’re welcome!)
7. Oh well who wouldn’t be a sailor, lad, a-sailin’ on the main — “Home Boys Home” ~ The Dubliners (Hello! Obscure!)
8. I sing myself to sleep a song from the darkest hour — “Sit Down” ~ James (I love James. I cannot deny it.)
9. My love she throws me like a rubber ball — “The Sweetest Thing” ~ U2 (A pretty song. Not my favourite of theirs. )
10. Giant steps are what you take — “Walking on the Moon” ~ The Police (I saw them in concert in 1983! Ack! The old, I has it.)
11. We’ll be fighting in the streets with our children at our feet — “Won’t Get Fooled Again” ~ The Who (One of those songs everybody knows, but nobody knows the words.)
12. I got your email, disgruntled female — “www.nevergetoveryou” ~ Prozzak (One of BDH’s songs, and helps meet the obligatory CanCon requirements.)
13. Visiting is pretty, visiting is good — “This Is A Call” ~ Foo Fighters (I loved Dave Grohl in lingerie. Not personally, you understand.)
14. Kids out driving Saturday afternoon just passed me by — “Flame Trees” ~ Cold Chisel (Classic Aussie rock.)
15. The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar — “Graceland” ~ Paul Simon (Groundbreaking.)
16. Standing in line to see the show tonight, another light on — “By the Way” ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers (You got close enough on this one.)
17. The Salvation Army band played — “Life in a Northern Town” ~ Dream Academy (One from the 80s I think everybody loves.)
18. Something’s coming over me, I’m so dizzy I can’t see — “Rush Hour” ~ Jane Wiedlin (One from the 80s I think nobody knows.)
19. Tell me all the things you would change — “Distant Sun” ~ Crowded House (See? I told you.)
20. And if the darkness is to keep us apart — “Walk On” ~ U2 (Okay, there’s a talky bit at the beginning, but this is the start of the actual singing bits.)
21. In the jungle of the senses, Tinkerbelle and Jack the Ripper — “Nemesis” ~ Shriekback (I would have shaken the hand of whoever got this one.)
22. I missed the bus, yeah I did it again — “Bohemia” ~ Mae Moore (Some more CanCon for you, and kinda indie too just to make it interesting.)
23. Do you remember back in old L.A. — “Beach Baby” ~ First Class (70s!! Road trip! Cheese!)
24. I am still living with your ghost — “Santa Monica” ~ Everclear (Good doG, how I hate this band. Yes, your life was rough. We get it. Quit whining, already.)
25. Could you whisper in my ear — “Slide” ~ Goo Goo Dolls (From Buffalo, but honourary Canadians, really.)

So there you have it. A list of songs. Discuss.

9 thoughts on “Music Meme: Answers

  1. I didn’t realize that anyone outside of Australia had heard of Cold Chisel – how cool! Classic Aussie rock, that is. I miss not hearing the old Chisel classics on the radio.

  2. Well, it IS one of their lesser-known ones. I mean, it’s not “Roxanne”.

    Roooooooooooooxx-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnne… Youdonthaveto put on the reeeeeeeeeddd liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiightttttttt….

    (There. Betcha that’s stuck in your head now, huh.)

  3. I also love James. Is this wrong? Should I keep it a secret? I’m starting to think this might explain why I’ve lost a few friends over the years…

  4. I know. I wonder the same thing. Perhaps we should form our own little support group. With meetings. And passwords. And secret handshakes.

  5. Yes. See, that’s ANOTHER problem with James love. James is not a person; it is a band. Therefore, is it singular (“James is cool”) or plural (“James are cool”)? Also, you are forever explaining to people who do NOT know James that James is not, in fact, a person… Or ARE not a person…

    No wonder we need to keep it to ourselves. We can’t even keep it straight.

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