There Goes the Neighbourhood

If anyone is looking for me…

sims 3

BDH brought home Sims3 today.

*hee hee*

I’m already hooked. BDH wants me to create our neighbourhood, with the complete cast of characters: the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor, the Nude Neighbours, the works.

Me, I just want to BUILD STUFF. Because EVERYTHING is customizable.

*happy clap*

So much for… well, getting ANYTHING done, actually.

6 thoughts on “There Goes the Neighbourhood

  1. I cannot TELL you the joy with which I saw I could create The Mayor and give him the personality “NEUROTIC”.

    Oh, would that I could create my neighbourhood and send it to you!

  2. I would do that. The Mayor, The Mayor’s Wife and The Mayor’s Lonely Daughter would all be neurotic, gossipy and love gardening. The Nude Neighbours would be emotional, also love gardening, and wear odd clothes in odd combinations of colours (when they were wearing clothes). The Deputy Mayor would cruise the neighbourhood being irresponsible and lazy, his wife would shout at the children, and there would be dogs digging up their lawn all hours of the day and night. There would be the Trashy Family with 5 cars and a motorbile in the driveway, The Smoking Man with 12 children who always leaves trash on the curb, and The Nice Professional Man with a different girlfriend every week.

    It would be JUST LIKE MY LIFE!!

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