A Recipe for Disaster


1 very tired mommy
1 baby who was awake half the night
1 daddy with a separated shoulder
several days of (the possibility of) rain
10 loads of laundry
3 floors of mess and chaos
1 tonne of work
1 barfing cat
3 messy cats
a dash of clumsiness

Mix well. Stir in a ridiculous amount of take out and/or unhealthy food. Sprinkle with impatience and irritability to taste.

Serving suggestion: Serve cold with Rolaids and Advil.

(It’s going to be a LONG day at the House of Peevish.)

4 thoughts on “A Recipe for Disaster

  1. Man, oh man. I hear you about the rain — and everything else. I’m starting to wonder if our province has become officially and perpetually overcast. Grey, grey days.

    Go easy on the Rolaids and Advil and let’s hope for some sunshine, sleep, healthy shoulders, clean laundry, absence of barf and a lot of sunshine… or did I say that already?

  2. Sounds like a vacation may be the order of the day. At least think about it.

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