Just Another Day

SCENE: An afternoon at The House of Peevish. Stinkerbelle is in her exersaucer, watching “Annie” and waiting for the post-lunch poop. Mom is in the kitchen, having some lunch. The cats are in various states of repose around the room: deaf, elderly Bubby curled up with Cinnamon on a blanket under the window, Lucy sunning herself on the windowsill, Duncan curled up under an end table amid the toys.

A breeze blows.

The baby gate, leaning up against the wall, catches the breeze and falls to the floor.

Baby Gate: BLAM!!!! (Well, it doesn’t SAY “blam” but it falls down and makes a ridiculously loud “blam” noise.)

Various cats freak the hell out and scramble for cover. Even deaf old Bubby is up and on the alert. Cinnamon and Duncan are poofed to a ridiculous size. Lucy falls out of the window.

Stinkerbelle: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (belly laughing uproariously)

~ THE END. ~

5 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. I’m with Stinkerbelle – that is some funny stuff. There’s nothing funnier than a poofed-up cat, unless the poofing is directed at you & is accompanied by hissing.

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