Some reasons to put your hands in the air and give a little “woot woot” — or, at least, for me to:

  • I got a call from BDH yesterday. He was speaking in hushed tones. I was concerned. Turns out, there was no need for concern, but rather excitement… he had spent the morning planning a possible vacation for our little family, and didn’t want the entire office to hear when he called to ask what I thought of the idea. He was taking two weeks vacation, and wondered what I thought of driving home to NS via a meandering, scenic route through New Hampshire, Vermont and such. He was preparing a Google map with all sorts of neat places to visit, little inns to stay at, and beautiful scenery to go see. So what did I think of the idea? Well, I’ve been excited about the prospect ever since. That BDH, he is a wonder.
  • My good friend and Stinkerbelle’s Auntie Heather is celebrating a birthday! Well, she’s Swedish, so it’s not just a birthDAY, but it’s a week-long celebration. Sometimes, stretching into a birthday MONTH. Whatever. It’s all good. Now, if that isn’t an excuse to send a Hoops and Yoyo e-card, I do not know what is.
  • It is a special anniversary around here: the day, one year ago when a) my chipmunk friend drowned in a rainbarrel, so 2) I got on an exercise bike and rode for 20 km to make myself feel better, which c) caused me to be all out of breath, slightly peevish, and completely caught off guard when the phone rang, and we learned we were going to have a daughter.

5 thoughts on “Holla

  1. What is this about a chipmunk?? I think I need to go back to the archives. That just makes me very sad. I love chipmunks.

    Does this mean it’s your referralversary?? Happy referralversary! Now I definitely need to go back to the archives.

    BTW, we did almost that exact trip two months before our referral. It was awesome and we would love to do it again. Well, except for the ferry to Yarmouth. Stay away from the ferry to Yarmouth. I’ve never seen so many adults projectile vomit at one time in my life and I never want to see it again. There was actually a designated barf lady. Her job was to run around in latex gloves carrying paper towels and ice packs to be applied to the neck… Not that I needed paper towel or an ice pack or anything. :0

  2. Happy 1 Year Anniversary since the call! Wow, it seems like yesterday, and you just got it 😉

    And that holiday, snap, that sounds mighty nice!

    Did I just say snap….where the he*^ did that come from??

  3. Rhonda, I think you have baby brain. 🙂

    Cinn, I just reread your posting about your referral day and I laugh, I cried, I felt at one with you. Especially the “I saw your lips moving, but have no idea what you just said” part.

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