News from The Daily Stinkerbelle

Some moments from our week:

  • Stinkerbelle is babbling. And she has moved from single sounds — “ba ba ba” and “ma ma ma” and “da da da” — to combinations of sounds as she gets ready to start using real words. (Her first one will be “kitty”. Make no mistake.) Sometimes the combinations can be quite interesting, and sound like she is trying things out; other times, not so much, and random is the way to go. So, the other night at dinner, as I was feeding That Baby her supper and BDH was readying ours, Stinkerbelle was sitting in her high chair, making pronouncements about her dinner, the world around her, and life in general, at high volume. At one point, she looked outside, and yelled “ONION!” at the top of her lungs. It was just a random combination of sounds, but it definitely sounded like “onion”. And, after a long and stressful day, it struck us as nothing short of hilarious. BDH and I burst into howls of laughter. It cracked our shit right up, man.
  • As you saw last weekend, I bought Stinkerbelle some groovy new sunglasses. She wears them happily, for the most part. The problem is that That Baby has a tiny wee button of a nose (just like her father) and so sometimes it’s a bit problematic trying to keep the sunglasses in place. Add to that the fact that she still has a little head and the arms on the sides of the glasses are too long for her little melon, and it can be a challenge keeping the glasses on. But she tries, and with a hat with ties on it, we actually are pretty successful. Anyway, the other evening, we sat out on the porch, and it was fairly sunny. I got the sunglasses so her daddy could see them, and put them on That Baby. Just the glasses, sans hat or anything, for a bit of a fashion show. BDH got out his cell phone and started snapping pictures. He looked at them, and belly laughed. The shots he had were of a Stinkerbelle, in full gabby mode, oversized pink floral glasses askew. Between laughs, BDH managed to say, “She looks like a little chocolate Elton John!”
  • Each night since Stinkerbelle was 6 months old, we have given her a bottle and cereal before bed. But we’ve been thinking it’s time she maybe started to have”supper” at suppertime, as opposed to just cereal, and for the last week or so, I have been trying different foods with her evening meal to ensure that none of them upset her tummy before bed. All was good. Last night, we planned to try her on her first “real” supper. I skipped the cereal, and instead gave her the same meal she had had for lunch yesterday, which was vegetables, yogurt and fruit. She was happily wolfing it down, periodically signing for “more”. And when dinner was done, she signed for “milk” and off we went for her bottle and to settle in for bedtime. We snuggled into the rocking chair, and she drank her bottle and babbled and played, and I chatted quietly to her, pausing occasionally to burp her. Stinkerbelle thinks burping is HILARIOUS (not to mention farting. My kid likes toilet humour.) So the last time I sat her up to burp her, she was laughing and being a ham about it all. And then suddenly, she PROJECTILE VOMITED HER ENTIRE DINNER ALL OVER ME. And I mean ALL of it. And it kept on coming, out her nose, everything. I hollered into the monitor for backup. BDH came in to see a crying Stinkerbelle and myself just covered in vomit. You know you are a parent when all you can say is, “Well, at least it’s all on ME and none of it is on the carpet or the chair.” (And you mean it, too. Carpets and chairs don’t go in the washing machine very well.)

8 thoughts on “News from The Daily Stinkerbelle

  1. How is it that one can become so sanguine about kid barf? And the stuff that comes out the other end…. even the mushiest mushy stuff. First time we changed a diaper in Addis, thought we were both going to pass out. (Yes, dreaded micro-organisms could have been involved.) Apparently that feeling lasts until about the third diaper and then disappears completely.

    And about your last post, wanted to comment, but all I could seem to come up with was a lot of shiny-eyed nodding and a “Yup”, so I didn’t think it measured up.

  2. You really aren’t a parent until you are covered in something that comes out of EVERY orifice. Welcome to the club! You weathered the storm just fine. Wait until the time it happens when you don’t have any backup available. Those are the trying times.

  3. Oh my! You’ve just made me feel much less impatient to finish our paperwork. I think I’m content to put off being a target for projectile vomiting a little longer.

  4. I would LOVE to see one of the photos that BDH took! Would LOVE it.

    You with the vomit and the talking stories? Are such a mom. And I love saying that to you.

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