I have been uninspired to write anything recently. I have nothing much going on, not much to say, no news to report. I got nuthin’.

Teh Internets are a boring place come spring. People go outside and do… I dunno, STUFF. It happens every year. As the weather gets nice and people get busy, the internet gets quiet. My hit count goes down. Also, add the fact that our infertility journey/adoption journey is now over, and the bloom has gone off the blog rose, as it were. People move on to other blogs since there’s no impetus to lurk and wait for what’s going to happen next. So my hit count goes WAAAY down. And I get boring, and I get bored.

I enjoy spring, and I go outside too, but I don’t do anything except walk, really. My vegetable garden will be mostly neglected this year as I mind Little Miss Stinkerbelle. We have a groundhog (who we have named Zippy, for that is what he is) who lives under the neighbour’s deck and comes by to visit periodically, so whether he makes a meal of the vegetables I do plant is anyone’s guess. Our back gardens are suffering from an overgrowth of weeds and a particularly vicious winter that seems to have washed away topsoil, denuding roots and freezing and killing many of my perennials. So, they will require a lot more TLC than I can give them while watching a baby, and a lot more money invested to replant than we can afford this year.

BDH has had a particularly rough ride of it at work recently, with a heavy workload beating the crap out of him on a regular basis, so he is tired. And I am — let’s be honest, here — being a butthead and staying up way too late after a day of chasing after an increasingly active child, and surfing Teh Interwebs too much, and trying to walk way too far and too much, and existing on caffeine and rabbit food and Chocolate Hobnobs (which are like crack in cookie form), so I am tired. We have busy days, so when 7 pm rolls around, we just want to have a little bit of “me” time. And that is usually something counterproductive, and keeps us up too late.

What we need is a vacation. An ACTUAL vacation. Our vacations over the past decade have often been to visit with friends or family, and while it’s always really lovely and a great deal of fun, on those sorts of vacations we always feel the need to visit everyone under the sun or cram in as much as is humanly possible in our time with them. Ideally, if I could plan a vacation for this summer, I would love to go someplace and do NOTHING. An ideal vacation for us would be to go to a cottage, where I didn’t worry about money and life stuff and BDH didn’t worry about work and didn’t get sick, and where we did nothing but sleep and read and relax and vegetate. But the cost is prohibitive, so it will not happen this year.

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, it’s a long weekend. Maybe it’s time to take a little time off from writing. Maybe I should just put down the laptop and walk away. Nobody’s reading what I write and I am not saying anything interesting, so it is a good time. Maybe I just need to take some time off. Maybe I need to weed my lawn and spend time with my husband and hug my kid for awhile.

Meh, I talk a good game. But you know and I know, it’s not that easy. My laptop is like my own personal version of the One Ring. It’s My Preshusssssssssssssss.

I’ll be here. I’m be mind-numbingly boring, but I’ll be here.

4 thoughts on “Uninspired

  1. I would love to get of the computer and get in the garden already but after todays blizzard, it think that will be a ways away yet.

    I’m feeling uninspired as of late as well, nothing to write about and the one thing that always has interesting things going on(work), I’m not “allowed” to blog about.

    Oh well…

    I keep checking in but don’t always get a chance to comment.


  2. I’m here! During the week, anyway. I still enjoy what you write, I’m usually here 2-3 times a day during the workday. Good luck with the garden, too. I have a wild rabbit (that I call Bastard) that does what Zippy will likely do to your garden. Last year he ate all my broccoli plantlets last year, except for the one in the front, so it gave the illusion (from the house, at least) that there was still a full row of broccoli growing. Jerk. He eats my crocuses too. They must be yummy.

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