Busy Days

It has been busy around here lately.

We’ve had a lot on the go recently. It’s not like we’re out running around hither and yon or anything — most of what we’ve been doing has been right here. And actually, we’ve been moving fairly slowly, so it’s not even like we’re rushing around. Just busy. Moving furniture around the house, cleaning out clutter, working, more working… all making for full days.

Not to mention, the newfound mobility of certain small persons keeps one hopping. Stinkerbelle is on the move, discovering the wonder of crawling, climbing, and pulling up on stuff. I am forever bouncing up to relocate her newly exploring self from a precarious perch, or redirecting her explorations to places that are flatter, less pointy, or softer when the inevitable impact happens.

BDH has been feeling a bit blah and draggy with a cold or flu or some such thing. He gets sicker than any 10 people I know, so, you know… it’s inevitable. And you just work around it.

And then there’s the excitement of a new baby boy in our extended family of friends, for which we are combing our clothing, toys and gear to find gender-neutral, age-appropriate stuff to pass along. Not to mention, combing the clearance sections of our favourite stores online for great bargains and fun stuff.

Plus, Stinkerbelle and I are trying to get our walks in where we can, weather and schedule permitting. Whether to the store or to just get out and about, our walks have become an important part of our days. But they take an hour or two at a time, so that shifts our regular daily stuff — laundry, dishes, whatever — to times when we are home, and shifts our other, less pressing stuff like blogging and gardening and playing, to whenever we can fit it in.

So the busy days are here. It happens. You have to learn how to reschedule, and plan, and reorganize. But it’s good. It’s all part of the shifting landscape of life as a stay-at-home mom. It keeps things interesting.

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