Saturday Smile: Proof

I know, when I posted about the geese on the roof a few weeks back, that a few of you did not believe me. Not really. There were some skeptics in the crowd. “Self,” you said to yourself (for you are very smart), “surely she is mistaken. GEESE do NOT sit on ROOFS. Certainly not 3 storeys up in the air. I believe,” you say (for you are nothing if not very forgiving), “that sleep deprivation has made That Woman DELUSIONAL. Or, possibly, she’s just gone a little dippy”.

Well, I am here to tell you, while I may, in fact, be dippy, the geese around here are, too:



So there you go. Photographic evidence that the wildlife around here has gone completely off the rails.

Now, I grant you, it may very well be that it’s not ALL the local wildlife that have taken to behaving in eccentric fashion, sitting on roofs and the like. It could just be THESE TWO GEESE going around sitting on roofs when I am out walking JUST TO MESS ME UP. I wouldn’t put it past them.

Oh. Wait. Now THERE is the sleep deprivation talking.

Carry on.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Smile: Proof

  1. LOL The Geese around here do that too! The worst is when they poop…. geese poop running down your roof… not nice. 😛

  2. I always call roof-sitting geese “sentry geese”, like they are some kind of avian guard, ready to attack & defend at the slightest provocation. No sleep deprivation here (not yet, anyway), I’m just odd.

  3. Ha ha! Love the pictures. As cute as they are, my first thought is always of the poop, too. I hope no one in your neighbourhood as a bird phobia!

    I definitely hope they have flown my way to peck some adoption bureaucrats into action.

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