Today’s Random-y Goodness

Some random factoids about my life these days:

  • My daughter is getting way into the sign language. It’s awesome. Problem is: she’s trying out new signs on her own. Spontaneously. She’s mimicked signs from one of her DVDs/shows, and she’s using them. And due to the fact that she’s only 13 months old and lacks some fine manual dexterity, it’s hard to know exactly what each new sign IS. She’s trying to communicate something to me, and I no habla ingles, apparently.
  • Yoko Ono is following me on Twitter. I LOVE that.
  • I am going to get my car fixed. I swear to you. This month, even. Which means we’ll need a new car seat. But this will also give us a bit of freedom to go out into the world beyond walking distance if we so choose. AND I can do crazy things like make my dentist appointments and stuff. I KNOW. Out of control.
  • I am currently fighting a compulsion to go out and buy yarn. I have not even finished the knitting project I am currently working on, let alone know what to do with the hundred skiens of yarn currently cluttering up my home. And yet, like a beacon, I know there is more yarn out there, and I feel strangely in the market for some.
  • I have rediscovered my love of Sesame Street. We have been downloading their podcast, and Stinkerbelle is ENCHANTED — especially by Murray the muppet and the “Family” Word on the Street webisode. Sesame Street is wonderful, entertaining and educational, full of diversity and positive messages. The Children’s Television Workshop ROCKS. As far as I am concerned, my daughter can watch as much Sesame Street as she wants. And I have to admit my delight that one of my personal faves from childhood, The Electric Company, is being resurrected. I have high hopes.
  • I have now lost over 20 pounds since starting WW in February. My goal was 20 lbs by Stinkerbelle’s birthday, so I only missed it by a few weeks. So now my new goal is 10 pounds by Canada Day. THAT? Will be a LOT of walking, man.
  • I believe, but I cannot be sure, that I might have gotten a decent night’s sleep last night. I am feeling strangely alert. Could be the giant mug o’ coffee has kicked in, though.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Random-y Goodness

  1. 20lbs!!! Amazing!!!!!!!

    I too have a closet shelf full of yarn waiting to be made into fabulous stuff…. Everytime I get one of those Lion Brand newsletters of fabulous projects to try I get a hankering to go yarn shopping.

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