Check Ups and Chilling Out

It’s been a long 24 hours here, full of medical errands. I am tired. BDH is tired. And Stinkerbelle is tired-ish, too. But it is a beautiful morning and so we plan to enjoy it.

Yesterday was Stinkerbelle’s 1 year checkup. At 29 inches and 21 pounds, she’s growing well and is as bright as a button. The rate at which she’s growing and developing is awesome, if a little sad. Everyone at the doctor’s office marvelled how fast time is flying with That Baby, and how much she is changing.

Everywhere That Baby goes, she is a magnet for attention and admirers — which was a very good thing yesterday, since it was time for her MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) shot. And another one, I forget which — but they both go in the arms, and they both STING — so having her peeps around as a diversion was a HUGE help. So, with Daddy along to do the firm grip on the baby (Mommy being too much of a crybaby pansy), the shots were given, and there were many big tears. That Baby cried, also. But many of the staff were hovering, peeking in to try to cheer up That Baby and get her to smile after her big shots, and soon she was her cheerful self again. The kid is a real trooper.

But with any vaccination, babies get a bit off, so for the rest of the day, we had a tired and occasionally cranky baby. I was home to comfort her, while BDH was off to the hospital for x-rays on his knee. He’s currently getting physio on an injured knee — coincidentally, an injury I have had since university in my own knees, so I am hoping to get the benefit of some of they physio exercises he is learning. Anyway, he was off to the hospital for follow-up x-rays and back in pretty short order, and once home, we settled in for an afternoon of trying to keep That Baby amused.

I am always amazed at how tiring it is to entertain a very small child. She can’t even run around or anything yet. But even though we tag-teamed her, I was still tired enough yesterday afternoon that Stinkerbelle and I actually napped together. I like to say it’s because she needed cuddling to get a good nap, but really, I love the snuggling and rocking and snoozing together, and I will take it when I can get it. Plus, I wasn’t feeling really well yesterday, so I welcomed the time to just chill.

After an afternoon of baby wrangling, we bathed and fed That Baby and got her to bed (with just one repeat performance when she woke with gas pains after about an hour). But once we got her to bed, we were so tired, we just parked ourselves in front of an old movie and vegged for the evening. Which was for the best, considering I was on Baby Duty all night — BDH was heading back to the hospital in the middle of the night for a 2 am MR exam. Neither of us slept particularly well, with his sleep interrupted by a date with radiology and mine just interrupted by wakefulness. And waking with a jolt at around 5 am for absolutely no reason didn’t help much, either. (I blame a particularly noisy sunrise, myself.)

So here we are, all pooped out after yesterday’s various adventures. It’s going to be a slow day, that is for darn sure. BDH is off to work, and I think That Baby and I will aim for a quiet day together. A walk will be nice. Maybe a bit of playtime outside for her while I think about gardening. Or maybe not. It’s hard to say. And I am feeling too sleepy to think about it much.