You Try

We are trying to save money where possible, and I think I have mentioned before that I am using walks with Stinkerbelle as a way to save a little money. We’ve managed to delay fixing my car until (probably) later this month, which means we’ve also delayed buying another carseat until then. Having no car has curbed my shopping for everything but groceries to almost nothing, which is boring but good. And I have to walk everywhere, which is great exercise. So today, we had a couple of things we needed at the grocery store, and it was a gorgeous morning. I packed up That Baby and we set off for the 15 minute walk to our neighbourhood grocery store.

The store was supposed to have been closed this weekend for renovations, so we didn’t go out on the weekend, and we were desperately short of milk and bread. But that’s easy to carry in the stroller. We were having a nice walk, coming down the big hill to the store, and I noticed that there were still all kinds of trucks and guys in hardhats about the place. And I came around the corner to see the sign: closed until tomorrow morning.

I weighed my options. And really, the only option was another grocery store about a kilometre and a half up the road. So, off we went. By now, Stinkerbelle was beginning to sign for “milk”, which meant she was hoping for a bottle and a nap. Well, there would be no bottle, but the morning was nice so a nap was a possibility. I figured she would sleep for much of the trip and I could use the exercise, so the long walk would be nice.

Except I didn’t plan on there being people everywhere.

We were walking along a busy street here in town, and I think we were passed by every roaringly loud truck in town. If it wasn’t a truck, it was the old man with the dumpster in his driveway who waited until just as we approached to start flinging lead weights (or something) into the dumpster, making huge crashing noises. Or the pubescent dope in the shitbox car with the stereo thumping while sitting still at the intersection, waiting for the lights to change.

You try sleeping in the pits at Indy.

Le sigh.

So when we got to the grocery store, I thought she might get some peace and quiet to snooze. Except the grocery store was full of people, too.

Like the woman who made it known I was in her way while I was trying to shop for sunblock for That Baby, asking me to move not once but twice so she could get to her hair product. The second time, she was making this dramatic lean over the stroller and for a second, I was unsure whether she was going to lean in and grab the baby or just push the stroller out of the way herself. You try sleeping with a weirdo leaning over you.

Or the man who followed us around, staying behind me and bobbing back and forth so it was difficult to for me to keep an eye on him. I think he felt because I was putting my shopping in the basket under the stroller, I was stealing things, and he felt it was his civic duty to keep an eye on me in case a citizen’s arrest was needed or something. You try sleeping when your mom is freaked out and dodging in and out of grocery aisles in an effort to avoid crazy people.

Or the woman at the checkout who let her two old-enough-to-know-better boys do some impromptu fencing with jumbo packs of toilet paper. THWACK. Shriek. THWACK. Shriek. You try sleeping when there is the threat of death by Charmin.

So. Not our best trip to the store ever. And by the time we started heading for home, it was well past tired time, and That Baby was up. Mind you, she was cheerful as can be until about 1:30 or so, when the tired got to be a little too much. Or 2:00, when she started to melt down in earnest.

So we got a bottle and snuggled up together in the rocking chair.

You try sleeping when you have a full belly and your favourite blankie to snuggle with.

Sleep well, Stinkerbelle.