6 thoughts on “More Maru

  1. Your cat is hilarious and very cute! I don’t know if I’ve ever actually posted on your blog before, but I do check it every so often to see how you and your stinkerbelle are doing (we call our dd stinkerbelle and her bro stinkerbob very often…). This morning my kids laughed so hard at these two videos- I think my one kids peed his pants and the other was late for her ride to school… They love Maru and want to see more!

  2. Welcome Ramona!

    We love Maru around here, since we have 4 cats and they all get up to similar adventures. Maru is not my cat (although I would love to have him, but he lives in Japan somewhere) and sometimes Stinkerbelle gets confused because he looks a lot like her kitty Duncan. But I am so glad you and your kids enjoyed the videos! There are quite a few of them out there and if you search YouTube (or follow some of the links at the end of the video — they’re little screencaps that show up at the bottom) you can find a bunch more of Maru’s adventures!

  3. Is that cat on glue?

    Is it possible that cat used to be Hunter S Thompson’s cat!?

    I love me some Maru!!!

    Now I must fly to Japan and make him mine!

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