Random Weekend Recap

Some random stuff from the weekend:

  • We live in a cute house. It really is. If you drove past, you’d look at our house and say “Oh, isn’t that cute!” It IS cute, until you get inside. And that is when you see that cute on the outside can often mean not useful space on the inside. It does not have what decorating people would call “good bones”. Small rooms, bad rooflines, poor construction and design choices — our little house has it all. But it’s ours, and so we are constantly trying to help it morph into a comfortable home. And that means endless fits of moving furniture around the house in an effort to make some useful, comfortable space. So this past weekend, we began another of our “let’s-move-stuff-around” adventures. And while the latest configuration might still be just as ungainly as the last, these fits of redecoration do mean one good thing: spring cleaning-level purging of stuff. We throw things out, and pack things away, and clean and dust and vacuum. These are not things we are particularly good at as a matter of course, so when our redecorating fits come along, it’s actually kind of refreshing.
  • I don’t like ribs. I have tried, but as a former vegetarian, I tend to struggle with any meat that has bones in it. But honestly, it is safe to say I have never liked ribs, even from childhood. I have tried, though, because BDH loves ribs. He will order a full back rib dinner when we are out and revel in the barbeque-y goodness. And so, because he loves ribs, and in an effort to diversify our menu and make things interesting on a budget, I decided to give cooking them a try. I got a tried-and-true recipe from our classic BHG red-checked cookbook, I bought the ribs, and yesterday I cooked them up. The house smelled wonderful, with the tang of barbeque sauce and cooking meat. When they finished, we took the ribs out of the oven and they looked fantastic. And the sauce was really tasty, which surprised me no end. The problem? I still don’t like ribs. I ate them, but even at 10 pm last night, as I was getting ready for bed, my stomach was still doing flips at the thought of the 5 or so ribs I had actually eaten. And the worst part? After 12+ years with me, BDH is now coming to a place in his life where he’s beginning to struggle with the “meat with bones” thing too. So he didn’t enjoy them as much as he once would have. It’s a shame, too — for a rib lover, they were darn tasty ribs.
  • There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to get done AND be a hands-on mom who engages with her child. I just can’t do them both. My priority is my daughter, of course, but then that means that housework, work, or other activities must fall to the wayside. And for that I feel guilty, like I am a failure at my “job” taking care of the house. But if I leave my daughter parked in front of the TV while I do other things, I know I’d be failing her also. It’s not always hard to do both, but a growing child makes life a changing landscape. We get into good routines for awhile, but then she grows or changes and her needs grow and change and then the routine is gone until we can get into a groove again. But if I could get a few extra hours in the day, when my daughter was napping or something, I’d be golden.
  • I didn’t get my seeds started for my garden this year as I had hoped. There were a couple of problems I couldn’t figure out — a watering problem while we were away on vacation, and a cat who would probably destroy the plants with all those unsupervised hours anyway — and so I decided not to start any seeds this year. I am kind of bummed about it, because it’s a cheap way to garden and I’ve done it for years. So what I am going to have to do is go through my seeds and see which ones I can just stick in the ground, and then we will hope for the best. If the birds, the local wildlife, or the frost don’t get them, we may have an interesting garden this year.

8 thoughts on “Random Weekend Recap

  1. Feeling you on the re-decorating/moving furniture around in a small house. My living room has seen more than 5 versions in the last 12 months—still no miracle cure for small space w/ bad layout. Sigh.

  2. You should have success with growing cucumbers & green onions from seed, and onions from sets. We grew broccoli from seed last year and would have gotten a fairly good crop, had the resident rabbit not eaten all the plants except 1. Lettuce should grow well from seed too. By seed, I mean seed planted straight in the garden.

  3. The Boy would have been happy to have helped you with the ribs. There are few things in life my child loves more (at mealtime, that is) than a good plate of ribs.

    Me? I can take it or leave it. And if there is a choice, I always leave it.

    As the dictator was a big part of the planting this year, we find ourselves peering at plants that are sprouting and wondering, is it tomato? Is it corn? Is it…. well, it will be something, and that’s just find for us.

    I feel you on the house stuff. Some days, I think it would be SO much easier to just move. Sigh.

  4. You actually have a real live copy of the BHG red-checked cookbook?? Cool!

  5. I DO! And although it’s been updated over the years, it’s still full of all kinds of old “gems” that I remember from childhood. Meatloaf with the tomato sauce on top, old-fashioned white cake-style muffins, probably hors d’oeuvres with toothpicks stuck thru them… it’s pretty cool.

  6. Ah yes, Mommy Guilt. In my opinion all good mothers have dirty houses, it means they are focusing on the important stuff, the kids! 🙂 Just wait until she is a bit older and wants to “help” you clean, fix things or move furniture. It adds a whole new dimension to house maintenance! 🙂

  7. Most seeds will do just fine being planted directly into the garden. The only one I would buy to get a head start would be tomatoes and peppers. Our soil hasn’t warmed up enough to plant yet so you should be fine in Ontario.

  8. eh, just throw down some lettuce, snap peas, beans, radishes, carrots… some onion sets… and cave and buy a few tomatoes. Veggies galore!

    And oh I will join you in campaigning for 2 more hours in the day… as long as it’s after 8:30 when the child is in bed.

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