Here. Sort Of.

Hello. *waves*

Are you looking for me?

I’m here. Sort of. I mean, I am on vacation. But I’m still around.

There’s just a whole lot of FOOD. And it’s making me sleepy. So I haven’t been inspired to post much.

What is it about holiday dinners that make people resemble big lumps of goo in comfy chairs?

Also, we had a birthday party. For That Baby. So we have pictures and video.

But that’s not getting posted right now, either.

Also, the excitement and the crowds of peeps everywhere and the BALLOONS (!!!) and the travel have just generally made That Baby all fatutzed. So she was up half the night.

So I has a tire.

Anyway. If you have been wondering… Let me recap.

We made it here safe and sound. We’re vacating. We’re tired. The weather’s lousy. But the company and food are great.

We have pictures.

And when I can manage to hoist my butt out of this most comfy of all old rocking chairs, I might get around to posting.

Or, perhaps I’ll just mosey over to get some snacks.

It could go either way.

4 thoughts on “Here. Sort Of.

  1. Don’t forget to mosey over to the most conveniently located wine frige next to the cozy old rocker, too. Eventually, one of you will fall asleep (probably you) since Madd Dawn and Autumn will be down for a visit after nap time probably (or so I am told).

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